Sunday, April 19, 2015

Where is Tamarind trees on the highway

When I was a child, I saw lots of Tamarind trees standing both the sides of the highway road. It is completely disappeared within few decades. To be frank, they are destroyed by human recently and they were planted by human long back. Those trees used to give Tamarind in a particular season, those trees used to give fresh air, shadow, home for other species, wooden for human and helpful for lorry or bus driver when they found their vehicle's break fail and full support and stop to their vehicle.

There were many trees and forest destroyed as such. The careless consumer is more than the selfless planter. It is very hard to find selfless planter nowadays ignoring self on this initiative. Why shall I look for others who is selfless planter? Why not me?!

Once an old man asked his friend who was an old man too, why did you plant the tree now? He said, it will be helpful for others after few decades. His friend said, what is the use of it for you now. He said, nothing more than a dream and benefit to others in the future. Then, why did you plant it? He said, if everybody thinks the same and didn't plant anything other than the forest and those trees consumption, then what will happen to others in the near future? The other old man stunned and helped him to plant more trees.

Those trees were/are helping us, those trees silently helped many and the planter helped many creatures. Remember, not only those trees are helping us but those old man advice, very few people's well wishes and action on planting benefiting us around to freshen breath with other potential advantages. Anyhow, when I/you am/are going to take action and plant a tree? Don't I/you have interested on planting tree as those old man does for us? Be ready.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Man of the Millennium - Will of steel

Who is Man of the Millennium? 

75 years old man
30 years salary toward needy
Whole Pension amount to needy
Worked as part time to run his personal life and expenses
Awarded 30 crores again given to the needy
One of the outstanding people in 20th Century
Other reward given to the needy

Are you interested to know ‘will of steel’ and Man of the Millennium? If so, here you go for the detail on Man of the Millennium. There are human gems which we are actually not aware through mouth-advertisement or media news or newspaper or other news sources for a long time until and unless there is some power and time to know and learn about them as surprise which world has few people alike. One of them is, none other than Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalyanasundaram.

This small article will help you to know about the hidden giant and Man of the Millennium who is popularly known worldwide after his whole life sacrifices just for poor and needy people around.

There were many talks about this man who created different history which is just beyond the imagination for normal salaried or business profession. Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram, Indian citizen, who got ‘Man of the Millennium award’ few years back which the award is like a dream one for many social workers or social service organization. Read this one to know more surprises and achievements from him.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram was working as a librarian for 30 long years and the best librarian in India and one of the top 10 librarians in the world. He was one of the hidden personalities and doing his best performance as selfless living; the person is selfless deeds and served many poor people to fulfill their requirement.

Sacrifices of Mr. Kalyanasundaram - Man of the Millennium as below;

I am about to share some more detail on Man of the Millennium and about selfless living fable from India, Mr. Kalyanasundaram. It is something like out of the box and beyond one’s noble act. Mr. Kalyanasundaram is unmarried, he intended to help poor and needy since he began his career. He had donated his very first salary till his last salary to the needy only. It sometime looks beyond the believable but at this situation one has to believe that he has donated his whole salary and life just for the needy. 

Also, Mr. Kalyanasundaram has donated whole retirement fund amount around Rs.10 lakhs for the social cause as well. He is the only person in the world who has donated his entire earnings for the needy. In addtion, Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram used to work as part time jobs in a reputed Hotel to earn for his personal care and expenses. Everybody in the world might be surprised and pleased to read about this gentleman’s dignified act.

People normally used to do social services and helps to the needy for few times or occasionally like contributing fund to social cause or needy in any incident but this gentleman's sacrifices and achievement ever is a different one compare to others.

By considering Mr. Kalyanasundaram’s social service toward human being, he was honored and awarded with the title Man of the Millennium and rewarded with Rs.30 crores for being human by an American organization, which was again spent on the needy by this gentleman. Additionally, the United Nations organization considered Mr. Kalyanasundaram as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century. Will India recognize him?

I came to know about this person in 2012 and wanted to share this info with others who wouldn’t know about the existence of such a great human being on the earth as being complete and perfect human just for other needy. Indian must be happy and proud that Mr. Kalyanasundaram is on the earth at Indian soil and be alive to know about such an inspiring Indian as ‘Will of steel’. All shall wish him for great sacrifice and achievement for his life bonded just for the social cause and needy. Hats off Mr. Kalyanasundaram!.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life without Google - I wouldn’t have known Search Engine pros and cons

My life without Google as follows;

wouldn't have known what Search Engine can make the differences in the world.

wouldn't have known Google can help me to reach the exact webpage / content that I am looking for

wouldn't have known writers can help to get the detail what we wanted it from online source

I wouldn't have known many families would run just because of Google / Search Engine Company

wouldn't have known Google or the Search Engine Company let other’s to work from home

wouldn't have known Search Engine Company can grow such a vast like Google

wouldn't have known what SEO without Google / Search Engine Company is

wouldn't have known what SPAM without Google or search engine

wouldn't have known what plagiarism is without Google

wouldn't have known what DMCA is without Google or search engine

wouldn't have known Search Engine Algorithm without Google

wouldn't have known ‘Content is King’ without Search Engine Company Google

wouldn't have known what Google search engine update is

wouldn't have known how to earn online without Google

wouldn't have known what Adsense without Google is

wouldn't have known how to apply and get Adsense account is

wouldn't have known how to receive the Adsense cheque and encash from bank is

wouldn't have known how to upgrade for EFT / Wire Transfer to receive the Adsense payment via bank is

wouldn't have used IFSC / SWIFT code of Bank without Google

wouldn't have known what are the online ads that can help Advertisers, Publishers, Visitors to connect each other using Google search engine

wouldn't have known what blogging without Google is

My online dream would have vanished without Google.

wouldn't have known that search engine company can revolutionized in the technology world by creating OS like Android and device like Nexus.

There are so many as such on this topic. This is my life without Google.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sacrifice something to get something – Dil Ki Deal

The good and bad come most of the time just because of listening to our heart, thought and sought only. So, there is no issue if one listens to their heart to think or do something but make sure that try to avoid some mistakes by learning from others that they faced issue on listening to their heart, and make sure that you don’t repeat it but follow the heart a bit differently which can leads to success.

Listening to our heart for fun may turn it into serious matter which can collapse the overall situation. It may sometime happen vice-versa too. However, listening to heart is no offence but learning from the decision of the heart is very important. Will you get piece of mind in the world anywhere other than listening to your heart to achieve something? I hope ‘No’. So, follow your heart often.

You can get confusion sometime on taking some minor or major steps, whether to do it or avoid it. In such situation, it is better to consult with near and dear. In case if it is not the matter of discussion with near and dear but it is about just personal choice without involving them then just go ahead to keep on thinking till your heart and mind both agreed on the situation to take bold steps accordingly.

Sometime you have to sacrifice something to get something, in such case listen to your heart only so that you will get succeed with the peace of mind. The more you think, the weaker your decision, so, it is better to do it just by listen your heart and take steps for that reason. Finish it off.

A person hardly can get both the choices at a time but it is not possible every time. So, you have to sacrifice something to get something at a time whether it could be of your choice, time, investment, education, opportunity, and career or life partner etc. Yes, as there is saying that you can create magic by listening to your heart which is the place where all our passion comes from. Sometime destiny listen the heart and its beat to go with.

One can become brave or coward just by listening their heart. It means, now the matter is your heart than what you actually wanted to be (bold or coward). It is also says that Lion heart when someone listen their heart and get success in whatever steps they had taken. Listen always, Dil Ki Deal for brave and success.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Forest Jump - Adventure 1

We used to enjoy holidays or weekends by going some trip to nearby places, just to enjoy the beauty of the nature and greenery dense atmosphere in unique location or sometime we used to go out just for swimming in the nearest resort. One of the trips was just nearby forest area which is around 80kms from our location. Started to leave Bangalore in the early morning and reached within two hours to the spot, before entering the forest route, we had enough breakfast, packed some soft drinks and food stuffs. On the way we took some snaps as usual and had fun riding cars without disturbing to anyone.

The gate at the both the sides of the forest remain open till 6 in the evening from early morning, so we had to reach and come out within this time or else both the sides gates are going to be closed, and there will be many questions on coming out from the way of forest area. Those days no camera over there but one can find the warning notice board fixed on the tree stating ‘you can’t see animal but it is looking at you’. Sometime we afraid on seeing this board though most of the time we ignore it due to overconfidence on calm atmosphere. No one knows what will happen in next few second in such place.

We were able to see baby elephant on the way where we stopped our car with the distance of 50 meters away to take some snap, we also observed that its mother was standing just 75 meters away. We just able to take few snap from inside the car but after few second, the mother elephant suddenly come toward us such a fast to jump on us that we didn’t have time to move car quickly. However, we were lucky that we all were inside the car, the engine was running and my cousin was an expert in driving car also specialized on reversing the car too.

He did the good job on-time by dragging car as reverse for about 200 meters and able to take U turn very quickly to move even faster. The way he reversed the car looks like going around 60-80kms fast at backside and mother elephant was approaching us even faster to jump on us. Oh God, luckily vehicle was on good condition, friends all were inside without going here and there and then the car U turn was perfectly alright on a better road. The next moment is to speed up the car to the way we came in. Yes, the elephant was coming behind our car till some meters ahead. Thank God, the forest jump was so much horrible in just few seconds and we were however safer with no life threat and damages. We were shivering for a while and no talks for few minutes till we reach another location where something different adventure things to happen on the way.

You can read the next adventure in next post. Till then good bye and take care, especially if you travel to any forest / jungle.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My first Smartphone – Touching, Touching. Touch integrated

There is no touch nowadays with friends, relatives and beloved one just because of Touch devices on everyone’s hand. I don’t know whether it is just because of busiest world or technology advancement. However, the world is filling up with just technology gadgets and moving ahead without any comment except personal Hi and Bye. A person can talk and see live from Australia to America or any other remote area where there is hardly human can be seen but network with the features of 3G or 4G technology in Smartphone just. Yes, this is the story going on across the globe and the Smartphone with advance G uses may increase with higher percentage soon.

Now coming back to the main topic of my first Smartphone in life #ChooseToStart, which is Moto E. However, it is hard to tell which one was my first Smartphone except as said Moto E which I owned recently after checking its reviews online and offline. I will write about it in the next paragraphs with detail specification and hands on review. Anyhow, the other Smartphone that I was using before Moto E was given by company for official usage and it was not my personal one. So, I can safely says that my first Smartphone is Moto E. Here, one thing to observe is that, I was suggesting few other brands and their different series Smartphone to my friends and relatives upon their enquiry or suggestion when there wasn’t Moto E or Moto G available. Now, I can safely suggest them with live demo including drop down test (with my heart breaking).

I remember that few years ago or in and around 2009 there were many branded touch phones and unbranded touch phones released that too from China manufactures. People normally used to say as touch mobile phone than Smartphone ‘word’. The branded one had enough specification and features whereas China’s unbranded touch mobile phone had Television option and four SIM cards with other unguaranteed features with no warranty on buying it. Anyhow, few of them enjoyed with Chinese unbranded and cheapest touch mobile phone that had TV and four SIMs etc. The drawback of the unbranded China touch phone was like no GPRS or Net connectivity assisted by telecom service provider and no IMIE number given by Government authority in those early days.

Moto E Specification and Price:
Name: Moto E (2nd Gen)
Processor: 1.2 GHz, Quad Core
OS: Android Lollipop (V5)
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM
Primary Camera: 5MP
Secondary Camera: 0.3MP
Display: 4.5 Inches
SIM: Dual Sim, GSM + UMTS
Dimension: 66.8 x 129.9 x 12.3 mm
Battery: 2390 mAh
3G: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Video Player: Yes
Model ID: XT1506
Available Color: White, Black
New Moto E price: Rs. 6999 (from Flipkart – as of 21st Mar 2015)

Now coming back to the topic of few branded Touch phones and Smartphone which were on the tough race few years ago. Yes, there were toughest competition between the following brands mobile manufacturers and giants such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG etc.

This is to generally inform all that Moto E has almost chased every other Smartphone to be on top in this price range and with the advance specification. There were many problems experienced by end users from various other branded and expensive Smartphone. The loyal and regular customers of well known online shopping sites have mentioned their feedback on those gadgets issues online. Considering various cons, Moto E has avoided those issues in their released gadget such as battery heating, touch integrated issue, hanging issue, internal memory issue and so on.

Now, you can go anywhere and do your office work or personal work in one touch. The touch screen is like a butter smooth, hand grip is awesome that you can hold it without fell down. Android Lollipop operating system is suitable for the device. There are many apps which are perfectly going on. You can find other various features in it.

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Gupta Ji was waiting for me with Kellogg’s

I got an invitation from Kellogg’s that I have to be present in well known Gupta Ji’s house nearby for meet and happy nashta / breakfast. I prepared myself in advance to reach their home on time since lack of punctuality in me which creates trouble except maintaining punctuality on food and entertainment. Since I woke up early in the morning on that day, I felt very hungry and no idea whether to eat at nearby (on the way) restaurant or no time to do so as I have a very short time to reach to Gupta Ji’s house. However, I controlled my hunger and reached to Gupta Ji’s home on time.

I had been there as per schedule and able to meet Gupta Ji’s family with warm welcoming but no introduction yet. I shocked when I saw some other fellows who were already there on lobby area and talking with their family members beside breakfast handy. Each one of them had different colors of bowls with different types of Kellogg’s related breakfast food. Few of them were with Strawberry sliced Kellogg’s, few of them with Apple sliced Kellogg’s bowl and few of them with rounded sweet kelloggs’ on their hands.

I felt hungrier after seeing them with their breakfast and I was just thinking when can I get my bowl from Gupta Ji’s family as soon as possible. However, others were enjoying their breakfast where I was in the waiting list, desperately. To my surprise, other few of them coming to their home after me, they too introduced themselves with Gupta Ji’s family members and they are looking at others and me too. They took little breath and smiled after seeing my empty hand without bowl. In this instant, I thought either I should have come little early or little bit late. The next moment itself my stomach started to pull and begun sound which others too can hardly hear little bit. It is just like everything is near me but unable to consume it due to waiting for my turn.

Thank God, Gupta Ji came near me and introduced individually once again then asked some detail about me and smiled with courtesy. He left and introducing others who just came in. I thought breakfast of Kellogs’ recipe will come soon for me after his talks. My mind only says Kellogg’s and Kellogg’s for every moment. I was imagining on which types of Kellogg’s breakfast will come to me. Any special one for me or the same one that already on some people’s hands? No idea.

Perhaps I may not forget this breakfast meet with Gupta Ji and his family members since this is the first time I had been to ‘breakfast family meet’ rather than lunch or dinner bloggers meet normally. Again thank God, breakfast bowl is coming near me. Oh yes, I felt like I have been awarded. I got my bowl, my stomach sounds too much at this time and it said give me first. Yes, it was fantastic with milk, custard flavor, corn flour mixed, some dry fruit and apple sliced in it. Crunchy and yummy, my stomach says me ‘great’ breakfast with high energy items without any junk or bulk food to digest.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

She gave me a free Singapore Chicken drumstick with happiness

I was in Singapore during April 2001, 14 years ago and I was very young at that time. I was alone to travel some Far East and Middle East countries on short vacation. It was my first visit to Singapore en route Brunei (neighbor country) for two days visit over there. Yes, I can recall those pleasant four days stay and some of the occurrences in Singapore. I visited many places in Singapore and unable to recall those visiting places name except Orchard Road, City Center, Mustapha shopping, Little India, Sentosa, Airport and so on. I was actually visited to Singapore when I was working in Gulf countries at that time. However, Singapore Airport and outside live atmosphere let me breathtaking though I have seen them in few movies and TV shows. I can still remember Changi International Airport experience, emigration clearance, exiting the airport and cab assistance toward the address etc.

Beside reaching and cooling down at my friend’s home in Singapore, the whole day let me relax, watch sports event of school children at nearby stadium and chat with friends and their relatives. There were / are five hours differences in timing for each other’s (Singapore vs Saudi Arabia) places geographically. I mean, Singapore’s evening 5 o’clock would be Saudi Arabia’s 12pm noon. So, I got little trouble on sleeping hours in Singapore as I had to miss my sleeping time back to Saudi timings with five hours differences, whereas India is 2.5 hours behind to Singapore timing. I was unable to get sleep during night time due to timing differences naturally though I got enough and comfortable accommodation in Singapore as everybody gets it over there. I was able to sleep early in the morning around 5am or 6am till 10am or 11am and then fresh, refresh and move to see the best places in Singapore.

There were / are no shortages of Indians, Indian Restaurant or Indian foods in Singapore and you may find all South or North Indian dishes on menu and at your table. However, I tried both. I mean, I tried Indian food as well as Singapore food to experiment International or Continental or Chinese dishes. Everywhere in the restaurant’s board mentioned ‘Halal’ chicken, so, no need to worry whoever goes for Non-Veg dishes. Another surprise is that, many other countries' (Far East) people used to visit and have Indian food at Indian Restaurants in Singapore. Pretty good.

The humidity of Singapore is similar to Chennai one. However, the difference is, there will be sudden rain often for a whole year, and again sunny (during day) and one can’t predict the climate in Singapore. Whereas Chennai is hot, hotter and hottest. The houses and its facilities in Singapore made to comfort on this climate. One can find tallest building, greenery, busy people, neat and clean atmosphere wherever you go in Singapore. The inner road made such a way that one shall not drive more than 30-40kms speed. Highway rules are a different one. Singapore Government helps the citizens for their future, and individual abide by it and helps Singapore Government for country’s future.

The other day, I was walking on the Orchard road in the evening with one of my Singapore’s friend; I was hungry in the early evening due to roaming in Singapore immediately post lunch with less relaxes. I saw some of the road side stalls where each stalls operating by few women / girls to offer their customer with Singaporean delicious food. I was hesitant to have them since I was unaware the taste of it and only know that those food is hygienic and less spicy compare to Indian food. My Singapore friend told me to try it, so I selected chicken drumstick safely from the menu given and he selected a different one. 

The stall woman gave me two Chicken drumsticks (in red color) and they were shining like a tomato pastes on them. I took a bite and realize that crunchy, very light spicy, crispy, sweet, softy, tasty and really yummy. I finished them within few minutes and placed the order for one more time to continue the same. She showed her face smiley. I again started to bite the chicken drumstick and tasted the delicious, lip-smacking, forgetting around and moving the haven of food. She asked me with happiness, how is Chicken la? I understand and replied her, yeah; it is very nice and tasty. She smiled and asked for ‘my happiness’. Yes, she understood English very well.

My friend ordered one more different dishes with Noodle type and I ordered nothing more than enjoying the same dishes again to fill my tummy. She also gave me a plate of free Singapore Chicken drumstick at the end and said she is really happy on our (customer) feedback, chat and enjoying their stall food. We were of course happy too on her polite service, interested on feedback, happiness and quality food with reasonable price. I can remember her face and served still, and hoping to reach Singapore again to see people like her, many.

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However, no one in the world will exactly tell the secret of recipe though they may tell the list of ingredients’ name and how to cook them. I enjoyed Singapore and their different foods during my stay. If you would like to enjoy Singaporean food in real then you may check at

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