Thursday, February 19, 2015

US two Dollars note

You might have seen different denomination of the US dollars but I am sure that most of them wouldn't have seen the reality of the US currency's one of the denomination or once running two dollars of the US note which I got it long back (in around year 2000). 

If anybody would like to see the US two Dollars note then find it here. I have saved it as remember and unique or antique one. Here you go for it.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

All religions with the same principle

A man was running very fast on the remote area where a lion was about to attack him, he ran such a fast with the difficulties that the lion was unable to catch him earlier than expected. On the way, he suddenly felt down and trapped in the unknown old well where luckily he was hanging on the root of the tree. The lion came near the surface of the well and looking at him to catch as and when situation comes for prey, he was time being happy that he almost escaped from the lion and found that a Honey comb near to him which has few bees roaming here and there. 

This man started feeling thirsty, he tasted the honey nearby him and later he observed that there was a giant snake moving at the bottom of the well which is little far from him. Oh God, he was unable to digest the situation but enjoying little bit honey meanwhile to overcome from thirst and hungry. No way to come out from the old horrible well since it has no stairs nor one can help him at the moment than hanging comfortably.

He realized soon after that there were two rats in different colors, one was a white color and the other one was a black color, both of them were biting and breaking the root of the trees where he was hanging. Oh God, unable to beat them as they were a bit long distance and had to self lost in this situation than no idea or action to do so. The overall circumstances in his life was totally erupted and puzzled. 

This story is nothing but it is related to all human being that teaches us by every religions to know the fact to come to the real world sooner or later, when real eyes open for it. Yes, go through the below detail to know more about it.

Lion: Death
Man: All human being
Old well: Earth
Tree root: Life
Honey comb and Honey : World's wishes / tastes
Giant Snake: Graveyard / Destination
Two rats: Black (Night) and White (Day)

Note: No one can escape from such a situation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winning Five Crores from a Lottery

A poor man cum farmer hardly used to earn Rs 300 daily wages and he run family as such, sometime poor man’s poor wife will help him for daily wages from agricultural or farm work when poor man fell sick. The honest, simplicity and hard works helped to run their family in a small hut with three kids and their study in a Government Schools beside. The poor man hardly sees the big amount in his life.

Sometime out of his curiosity and naturally, he used to dream for wealth too and but have no straight resource to earn big amount from zero or little investment from his own talent. He killed his many wishes as such and unable to fulfill his poor wife’s and kids’ wishes too but run family and life peacefully and smoothly with bonds of love and affection among all including nearby people.

The poor man been to nearby city, bought some items for his family members and he spent for him only to buy a big amount lottery ticket and bus fare than nothing else as usual, he returned to home with empty stomach and it is normal one for him. The kids and poor wife used to enjoy the items that brought by this fellow. The days gone likewise and the lottery result date came out, the poor man forgot to check it as usual and he used to check it with lottery seller in the city on visits or checking rare in local newspaper. However, the lottery seller in the city came to know with confirmed that the poor man is the one who bought that serial lottery, won five crores this time and informed it to nearby concern authority by giving his contact, name, village and address detail.

Now, the concern authority discussed each other to go and cross check the lottery to finalize the amount for the winner (poor man). However, since the amount is a big one and possible for getting shocked or heart attack issue thus they planned it to check the lottery serial number first, if won, then the test from a small amount to a big one to hand over it within few days to concern person. So, they (two authorities) reached the village and his home, they enquired for a lottery and cross checked it, the authorities too surprised that the poor man is the one who have won such a big amount this time. So, one by one they started to ask few question, enquire other detail, gradually increased winning amount. Apart from the personal detail, authority asked him as below;

Authority: What will you do in case if you won Rs 1 lakh from lottery?

Poor man: I will renovate the hut and buy a gold ring for wife and allot the amount for kids study.

Authority: What will you do in case if you won Rs 10 lakhs from lottery?

Poor man: I will buy a small flat in village, some gold for wife and some amount allotment for kids study.

Authority: What will you do in case if you won Rs 50 lakhs from lottery?

Poor man: I will buy a flat in nearby town, help for kids’ future, some amount for wife and the rest for business and agriculture process.

Authority: What will you do in case if you won Rs 1 crores from lottery?

Poor man: Don’t make me of fun! In real, I will buy an agricultural land, buy a big flat, allot amount for kids’ higher study, some portion of them deposit in the bank, buy a gold necklace for wife and do small business.

Authority: How about in case if you won Rs 2 crores from lottery?

Poor man: Again don’t make me of fun! If it is real, I will buy a few acres agricultural land, build a big house over here, buy some gold for wife, allot enough amounts for kids’ future and higher study, and buy a land for 3 kids and so on.

Authority: How about in case if you won Rs 4 crores from lottery?

Poor man: Again don’t make me of fun! Let it be real, I will buy a big flats in nearby town and one in city, I will buy a few hundred acres agricultural land, build own farm house nearby, buy a diamond and gold ornaments for wife, some fixed deposit in the bank, buy a car and bike for kids, allot money for kids higher study and likewise.

Authority: How about in case if you won Rs 5 crores for sure from lottery?

Poor man: What happened to you guys on making me of fun! If it is real, I will give you half of the amount to you guys.

Authority: Oh poor man, you let my colleague to get heart attacked and died here itself. Oh goodness, I am lucky and didn't get any health issue.

Poor man: Is he dead really?

Authority: Yes man, you said half of the amount will give it to us. He shocked and died.

Poor man: So, what? If you want then you can take it half!

Authority: No man, I don’t want anything and I will confirm and give the five crores to you soon. (The authority went to city with dead body of his colleague).

Poor man: (Shouted his family members by showing his lottery) see, we have won the five crores from the lottery and it will be coming soon. (After various deductions from Government, finally it reached to the poor man).

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr Nxt Apps benefit in 3 ways

Quikr answers in 3 ways.

It says ‘yes’ and it gives what you want
It says ‘no’ and gives you something better
It says ‘wait’ and gives you the best.

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

The main three reasons why I would prefer Quikr chat over a phone call, as below.

Safe and secure from Quikr chat:

The item we are about to buy or sell and its complete detail can be seen on the screen in advance and keep their data as safe record in our Mobile phones. The customer (buyer or seller) who chat or calls up can be identified as whom we are chatting or talking in advance and what is the reason for it. We can know the overall history of the business search and transaction or keep the customer data safe and secure on this business process by using Quikr mobile apps and its chat.

Identify the real personality and follow up:

There could be few anonymous who would just like to steal our information and try to misuse or try to make fake business info to lure money. Quikr mobile apps and its chat can let us help to avoid this and this app will assist us to know whether the seller / buyer are genuine or not. Direct and immediate connect each other customers without any phone calls. However, Quikr has already taken an initiative on letting its customer to know by its ‘Terms and Conditions’ beside guideline for both (buyer and seller) to avoid any mishap between them.

Successful business transaction:

Quikr mobile apps and its chat features could help its members to go through for the overall detail, price range, product detail, customer info and successful business confirmation online then offline transaction without any hurdle or issue currently or in the future. This platform helps for mutual business transaction with money saving in a short time on buying or selling their items directly and immediately.

Quikr Nxt features:
People (buyer and seller) looking for various used items online can compare within, get the best quote in the right time, find the lower price to get benefit out of it immediately from Quikr Nxt apps. The search might haunts them for a while till they get the genuine customer and product through this platform online, obtain right information; follow up and negotiate through online sources and transaction directly offline with the satisfactory manner.

However, customer also would like to know the best platform online where they can get particular items or many choices, easy to get searchable items with all the details mentioned, genuine buyer or seller details, nearest location of the selling or buying items list to transact between them in a smooth manner.

This app will help customer to directly post their item’s adv from Mobile phone or Smartphone itself as free. This app will also help the paid customers to post their items ad in Quikr with additional features.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Bo(u)nd to shave by Monepenny

You would have observed shaving seen while watching some of the movies of James Bond 007 (secret agent). Yes, his movie will let us remind on how one has to shave in reality to appeal handsome. But, don't expect like a James Bond in reality. Most of the James Bond's movie would have shown a clip of shaving or at least fresh face with shaven but here you will see something out of the box about 007.

You might be thinking what is so special about it? Yes, this is special one and it is just because of his colleague and dearer Moneypenny helped Bond to shave to make him even handsome in Skyfall. Do you know what could be the reason for it? Did you missed this movie or scene? If so, you can catch it up here.

Courtesy: YouTube

Is there anyone other than (you, beautician or barber) whom they can help you for shave? You may comment below :) #UseYourAnd.

Now, coming back to an individual act on this topic. Die Another Day, a movie of James Bond will show you on how to shave without anyone's help that too with very long hairs - may be funny apart, this could be the reason or his desire that he released and escaped from various locations and reached to his favorite five star hotels and done the job of shaving perfectly (in this movie). Alright, a man behind the scene or screen in the hotel room was shooting camera toward Bond's special and personal act is a different subject, don't mix it over here.

Courtesy: YouTube

By the attractions of those two shaving scenes, specially the earlier movie Die Another Day, perhaps Reid and Taylor UK gave him an official contract for their Design and Garment. Here in India, Bond with the best. Whatsoever about him, do we still depend others for shaving? Or, learnt on how to shave from him? #UseYourAnd.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am a Pan Beeda Litterbug

The way we throw the ball will return the same. Yes, the same way we get the good or bad returns based on our deeds. Here we need to observe many things whether throwing trash or other wastage's around easily which can harm us later. If one spit Pan Beeda litter that may come back to their face or mouth and it was experienced by me when I was using Pan Beeda then spitted while I was driving the car. The litter from Pan came to me with almost same force and made bad result for me and my car window / glass. I learnt that this is sort of self indiscipline act and learnt to avoid even small garbage throwing act likewise. We have to learn good deeds or discipline act from others than opposite one.

We get freedom doesn't mean we spoil the atmosphere artificially but try to go with the nature which can ever help us for healthy surrounding, enrich forthcoming generation and overall better civilization through our current discipline. Our country has no strict law doesn’t mean we can throw all the wastage from our home to anywhere we find comfort but needed to learn where it supposed to be to carry forward in safe zone. We have to learn what is Housekeeping rather than what is dirty or junk around.

In one hand everyone knows the responsibility of keeping clean the atmosphere and support nature environment and on the other hand some of them used to ignore when our turn comes and show the habit of indiscipline. I remember the work and performance of veteran actor Kamala Hasan, in one of his movie used to keep clean atmosphere even for wastage or garbage with decorum.

India was naturally beautiful and filled up with many natures' beauty, due to carelessness and lack of interest toward cleanliness, we got to go with the habit of indiscipline action from elders which created dump atmosphere.

Littering any item in anywhere is become normal habit nowadays for all, this is neither sin nor consider as illegal or dealt with any legal action. Thus, we get more freedom on litterbug. Though there are many campaign or initiative from various organization with regards to litter-less atmosphere but we ignore them or accept them for temporary basis. I think without individual and group initiative for a long term, we won't achieve anything on cleanliness. 

You might have seen the people around who used to normally pass the urine, spit on the street or road, spit Pan Beeda on the floor of the premises, dump the garbage while walking and throw the bug stuff on the street etc. These habit still continues despite various effort taken by individual or group or an organization with various initiative and campaign. God knows when we are going to change toward discipline to change others. Now, I am oppose for litterbug.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Face Complexion

We have heard the proverb of ‘Face is the Index of the mind’. This proverb may suit sometime and it may not suit in different occasion or for different personality. However, most of them would like to have finest or the best complexion or skin texture in order to appear or attract others and to avoid unnecessary pain from pimple too. How about nature? Will it help to reduce or wipe out the Pimples when we pass through teenage or till the age where we cross 30 plus? I don’t think so that nature will help to hide or eliminate pimples but it will bring and grow during this tenure. What shall we do for the pimples to stop and gives better complexion?

I am sure that most of them would have experienced on Pimples and most of them would have tried to find out some tips or face cream or some herbal medicine or a kind of tablet or different food consumption etc. to remove pimples naturally. I am sure that some of the tips for Pimple would have worked for a while and some of them have given disappointment. 

What are the reasons for Pimples?

Expert says that certain age crossing, blood impure, extra fat, over heat, constipation, missing food and water consumption on-time and genetic changes etc. are the main reason to get pimples. It doesn’t appear only for a particular person or region or color or country but pimples appear and grow for all human being across globe on certain age. May be only very few exemption on this due to healthy or the restriction power they have to fight against pimples. 

What generally people used to do when they get pimples?

Self medication / treatment
Asking some tips for pimples treatment / solution
Try for some herbal or natural cure
Playing or scratching pimples
Hearing many useless tips and follows
Some carelessness
Some does wrong treatment 

How to get rid off from Pimples?

In general, lack of source of blood purification enrich for pimples, if one has healthy blood pure process in his / her body on that particular age then he/she won’t get pimples. This age is something different which supports nature on health and stamina except Pimples and Dandruff. Most of them won’t take care their health during this period except grooming, studying, working which causes for blood impure due to improper drinking of enough waters, having food and sleeping on-time etc. They are the main reason to get pimples and most important blood impure can cause more issue on skin tissues. So, one has to drink enough water on time, use grape juices, use fruit salad, vegetable salad, have food on time and sleep on-time to avoid all pimple related issues naturally. 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dream of Bangalore resides

Being a Bangalorean, why shall I recommend to near and dear one on relocating to Bangalore? The more you think, the weaker your decision, so, just do it by Quikr. It is free portal and paid membership where you can buy and sell used or new items with satisfaction.

If you go through the above given link of Bangalore Quikr website then you will know the detail and option of the services rendered by them. However, other than normal dealing on buying and selling old or used items, some of the services are going to be very effective and useful while you would like to relocate from any part of the country.

This is an international platform so nothing to worry on relocating from any other part of the world to Bangalore by using Quikr online service. Quikr has city or country wise website link which can help you to get things done on selling old / used items, purchasing old / used items with reasonable or negotiable prices and decorate your needs and home accordingly.

If you are relocating to Bangalore from anywhere then you don’t need to carry huge pack and parcels, just publish your used items on Quikr website and sell them in local for a good and satisfied price. The same you can buy different used items from Quikr for your home to furnish when you reach Bangalore. Things are very easy nowadays to buy, use, sell and buy a different one to use it.

Note: Make sure that you try to read and understand the guidelines given by Quikr upon buying or selling the used items from unknown.

I bought the second hand bike from Quikr which helped me to avoid brokerage charges and other processing fee. I compare the bike price online against the local dealer at that time to evaluate, and got benefit out of it. As such, I have bought few used items for home with cheaper rate and I have even sold few used items which helped me to get the good price from the genuine customer through Quikr. One of the best part on this process is, you will get some antique items or a different item which you won't get it anywhere in the shopping or place.

Yes, there may be few people who may not be very serious on this e-dealing and would like to misuse but most of the customers are reliable and able to deal when they get satisfied on the final price or exchanging goods accordingly. You will be able to get so many customer calls once you published the selling or buying items at Quikr.

Here in Quikr way, we can save additional time, brokerage fees, individual to individual contact and dealing without any issue much. This is just like mutual understanding and things exchange process. The e-commerce grows as such, who knows we can get the best e-commerce experience and an idea from this too. One can get a lot of business, market and product knowledge from such services.

So, don’t waste your time and keeping old items, just try to publish it and deal it. You may also find various services on keyword search within Quikr website that will help you to get the detail. We wish you for a Happy dealing. No fikr, bech quikr.

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