Thursday, April 28, 2016

How I got 1000 page impression daily for my blog

Many bloggers are concerning about blog traffic and it is a natural one too. There are different types of concern on blog traffic as below;

New blogger's concern:

New bloggers just created blog and would like to get reasonable or huge traffic though less content.

New bloggers are just published reasonable and trending posts and hardly getting organic traffic.

New blogger’s regularly publishing the posts but no traffic or no increasing number of traffic to earn online.

New blogger’s are carelessly promoting their posts in various social networking sites which finally the search engine considering those average or mass traffic as junk one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to migrate blog from blogger to wordpress

The question of what is blog, who is blogger and how to become a blogger is a standard one for many newbie’s until and unless they jump on this blogging field. A blog is nothing but a (free / paid) platform where a writer / blogger can use it to write as per their own choice. A blogger is nothing but a writer or scribe who can use blogging platform effectively. The next answer with detail of how to become a blogger will come till you finish reading the article.

Yes, initially the newbie asks these questions to know some detail about it and later they create free blogs to share their personal topic as they desired. Once they get interested on this blogging (part time or full time work), they learn many new things on the way and move slowly for the desired subject beside personal one. Yes, while becoming as a blogger, they also come to know about how to increase blog’s traffic, what the popular blogging platforms are, how to earn money online from blogging and how to participate in blogging contest and on.

In general, the newbie either uses Blogspot (Blogger from Google) platform or Wordpress platform to create free account and blogging since they are initially blank with the ideas and it is very early to invest on this for. They would come to know other free blogging platform as well, sooner or later. However, these two are the top platforms and friendly guideline given.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

God created Human as vertical for...

As per source, there are eighteen thousands creations around from God which human cant’ easily think and count about them except believing and accepting his / her few seen creations like, Sun, Sky, Human, Animals, Stars, Thunder, Rain, Wind, Hills, Soil, Cloud, Sea, different Reptiles, Trees, Fruits, Vegetables, different spices, different species, and on.

If you see all of those creations then you would agree that they are created by God with the horizontal movement for everything, whereas, human created by God with the vertical movement. The all horizontal creations created by God for human’s adherence whereas human created by God as vertical for God’s adherence (this info may be funny or silly for some but it is truth).

Now, those horizontal creations serve the purpose of God adherence but the missing one is just from vertical creation. Who’s that? None other than human who proudly says himself / herself as possessing sixth sense whereas he / she learn everything after born, on the other hand, who has less than that sense (e.g.) animal learned by birth, how? Animal knows to get up and stand immediately once born, identify its enemy (if any) and run if needed. Or, born, stand, find its mother, reach near to feed self whereas human baby won’t even take a step toward mother.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

World T20 Cricket matches live – unpredictable results

Cricket match and its result is generally unpredictable (except fixed matches, if any) till the last ball of the game. Yes, in that, even Indian teams and its each player’s performance as well are unpredictable till the last ball of the game. Why so? There were many scenarios’ in the past and recent past with different matches in a different country or land where some of them pulled it in a different way to win it and some of them felt down in a strange way to lose the supposed to be winning matches.

One for example is, T20 World recent matches that India played against New Zealand was a little different than chasing with Australia team.
Whatsoever, what is the current scenario of the Indian Cricket team for World T20 matches, One day matches, IPL20 or even Test matches? These are also still unpredictable, yes; first, the selection will go in a different way than generally Cricket fans expected every time for upcoming these different matches format. The next one is, even if they selected the majority of the expected players except few (that is usually happened), the time of the match may go in a different way.
Yes, the one we expected to perform on the ground might be in ‘injured’ status or ‘assist’ other active players on the ground to give replacement bat or glows or drinks etc. by this time, the one who we didn’t expect on the ground to perform might either ruin the current match, or surprisingly play the best and rare game to win it. This is again very rare, so, don’t expect much of these.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Meenakshi Tower Bangalore photos

I was on the way to Bannerghatta road a few weeks back and found a tallest building under construction. Though I know that it was under construction since few years, I able to see it was almost completed and about to inaugurate soon. It is nothing but uprising Meenakshi Tower Bangalore, which is one of the tallest building in southern part of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Meenakshi Tower Bangalore is just adjacent to Meenakshi Shopping Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. This is one of the best entertainment and visiting places in Bangalore to spend with friends and family members etc. If you are in Bangalore or about to travel Bangalore then don't miss this place to be there.

Find herewith photos of Meenakshi Tower Bangalore, India.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bangalore to Birur Travel

I got an opportunity to travel with my friends to Birur from Bangalore, it was few weeks back. The distance from Bangalore to Birur is around 215kms. Since the travel journey was accompanying with well known friends so there was/is no doubt about fun trip on the way. We took our own time to reach there. This trip planning was since two months and finally got to go and reach over there. We traveled by a car toward Tumkur road and diverted to a different left direction to reach another well known place called Shravanbelagola and Hassan route. 

The road was toward Tiptur (famous for coconuts) by taking it right direction, and reached Birur after few hours. Since the journey was in the night time thus unable to take much scenery photos. Whatsoever, it was a night journey and nothing to enjoy beauty scenes around except the nature's darkness and a silent atmosphere. We had to stop the car on the way to enjoy the tea, some snacks and relax.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fantastico car driving in a Gulf country

I worked in a Gulf country for couple of years to get some sort of unique and international work experience with multi-national cultural and environment to learn something new. Yes, learned so many things over there. One of them was, driving a car in a professional manner too. Yes, though I had slightly moved or drives a car in India before reaching the Gulf country, but the experience of basic learning to drive a car in an international atmosphere is a fantastico one. You can read my funny experience of driving a car over there, and its detail over here.

Yes, I was initially working as Admin Assistant in a Staff service department. The Admin had around five different branded cars for official purpose including one GMC half car and half truck for multi-purpose. This car’s key used to be with me in case if anything to carry a small luggage like around or just 10kgs and above. The life was very luxury over there, so, this one too. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life is Fantastico - King, poor man and dynasty

There was a King who used to always love one of his fantastico assistant than any other ministers or even his sons or daughters in his palace. He used to call this simple gentleman for every other assistants. It was looking like that without him the King was handicapped for the day.  Most of them felt strange against that a simple man who was attracted by King and his majesty. This simple and poor man was joined the dynasty just five years back only whereas other ministers and even well known people including his sons were with the King since many decades.

The dynasty was a strange place at that time, the atmosphere changed little bit and overall this poor man become one of the hero over there. The King personally happy with the poor man and he used to take him along whenever there was a war or any important occasion to go.

Again, the people, the close relatives and even the ministers felt so strange and almost all of them wanted to finally ask King about this fantastico gentleman. So, the time came and then finally the question again raised by few ministers on some occasion about this poor man’s behavior and attraction. King smiled as usual and said to them that he will tell about it soon. Again, King’s close relatives raised the same question about this poor gentleman, King smiled again as usual and said to them that he will tell about it very soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Life and its Impact naturally

I recently heard somewhere about the life and its impact of human vs animals, their few differences and comparison. I try to recall and put them over here in a simple way or let’s say in a layman language. Almost everyone has a life and its impact differently. Each its own. But the nature plays very important role, so, one can’t easily appreciate or depreciate each other (human vs animal) since all of them are creations in one or other way, naturally.

Human born, as a child, baby cry when entering into this world. The baby doesn’t know the sense-wise, why is he crying, what makes him pain to cry other than as elder feels that baby is hungry and need to feed. The cry is nothing but the signal of ‘live’ baby arrived on the earth. The secondary is that the baby is little hungry then need to feed and comfort for sleeping. If the baby doesn’t cry when he / she born and come to the earth, then it means something wrong or the baby is died. This is the case of human.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Human’s ignorance for a right track and judgment

Other than the ego, evil act and selfishness, the biggest enemy of human is the ignorance of oneself on a right track, whose ignorance toward a truth searching leads him / her to intolerance, whose intolerance and untruth actions destroy the true image of himself / herself. And, when the people look at him / her, they think that he / she is what he / she is actual. A wrong image and status than a right one, supposed to be.

Another example is, as says, coin has two sides, and no one value for it if the coin has just one side and other side is just blank or scrap or a different than usual one supposed to be. Likewise, every factual matters or incident has two different sides. It is a childish or immature one if a person just decide on the factor that one sided, speaks and judge accordingly.

The person himself / herself misjudged or cheated on own first. Which in turn, the result will come out at a later stage where his / her judging, decision, and statement may go completely flaw. The final result on factual matter might result differently and possible for tear his / her own image at a later stage for sure.