Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life is Fantastico - King, poor man and dynasty

There was a King who used to always love one of his fantastico assistant than any other ministers or even his sons or daughters in his palace. He used to call this simple gentleman for every other assistants. It was looking like that without him the King was handicapped for the day.  Most of them felt strange against that a simple man who was attracted by King and his majesty. This simple and poor man was joined the dynasty just five years back only whereas other ministers and even well known people including his sons were with the King since many decades.

The dynasty was a strange place at that time, the atmosphere changed little bit and overall this poor man become one of the hero over there. The King personally happy with the poor man and he used to take him along whenever there was a war or any important occasion to go.

Again, the people, the close relatives and even the ministers felt so strange and almost all of them wanted to finally ask King about this fantastico gentleman. So, the time came and then finally the question again raised by few ministers on some occasion about this poor man’s behavior and attraction. King smiled as usual and said to them that he will tell about it soon. Again, King’s close relatives raised the same question about this poor gentleman, King smiled again as usual and said to them that he will tell about it very soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Life and its Impact naturally

I recently heard somewhere about the life and its impact of human vs animals, their few differences and comparison. I try to recall and put them over here in a simple way or let’s say in a layman language. Almost everyone has a life and its impact differently. Each its own. But the nature plays very important role, so, one can’t easily appreciate or depreciate each other (human vs animal) since all of them are creations in one or other way, naturally.

Human born, as a child, baby cry when entering into this world. The baby doesn’t know the sense-wise, why is he crying, what makes him pain to cry other than as elder feels that baby is hungry and need to feed. The cry is nothing but the signal of ‘live’ baby arrived on the earth. The secondary is that the baby is little hungry then need to feed and comfort for sleeping. If the baby doesn’t cry when he / she born and come to the earth, then it means something wrong or the baby is died. This is the case of human.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Human’s ignorance for a right track and judgment

Other than the ego, evil act and selfishness, the biggest enemy of human is the ignorance of oneself on a right track, whose ignorance toward a truth searching leads him / her to intolerance, whose intolerance and untruth actions destroy the true image of himself / herself. And, when the people look at him / her, they think that he / she is what he / she is actual. A wrong image and status than a right one, supposed to be.

Another example is, as says, coin has two sides, and no one value for it if the coin has just one side and other side is just blank or scrap or a different than usual one supposed to be. Likewise, every factual matters or incident has two different sides. It is a childish or immature one if a person just decide on the factor that one sided, speaks and judge accordingly.

The person himself / herself misjudged or cheated on own first. Which in turn, the result will come out at a later stage where his / her judging, decision, and statement may go completely flaw. The final result on factual matter might result differently and possible for tear his / her own image at a later stage for sure.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I missed her to pay enough money - worried

I recently went to a shopping mall to get some stuff on the way to a different local destination. It was around 11am. While walking toward the shopping premises after parking the vehicle, I saw an old woman who was asking money as needy, the one who sees her definitely would pay at least few bucks. I did the same in a hurry manner and entered the shopping mall. I was searching for the stuff that I needed but unable to get the exact item that I was looking for.

However, my heart and mind was in a different thought like something disturbing me often asking myself to recall the recent one despite I was in a high class shopping mall with mild musical background and chilled surrounding. I could recall the concern immediately, what and how? I realized it immediately and thinking about it in the shopping center itself. It is nothing but all about that an old woman who was just asking money from the passerby. Why I needed to think of her though there are many needy around or poor or beggars around who asks money as usual. Why don’t I think about those others?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Morning to Gold Morning from Colgate

Once I heard from my parent that they used to thank God first due to they woke up alive again with Good Morning instead of claiming any natural death while sleeping at night. He also stated that most of the living being is naturally getting sleep, and, the sleep is the sister of a death. So, once we wake up in the morning or even whenever wake up after sleeping, it is just like we came out live from a death which is the sister of just slept. Thanks God, so many lives we get usually.

Human generally can’t live without regular sleep, they needed some relaxation everyday and those who doesn’t get sleep sometime might be either ill or over concern on something which put them pressurize not to sleep. I am not talking about a sleep and its topic over here but how to get Good Morning in general which in fact turns as Gold Morning or more than that by helping to recover from a death, which is the sister of a sleep.

Good Morning helps us to go toward a new life, new scenario, new dream, new result, again fresh air, sunrise with its smile toward all, and so on to say. My parent also stated that their childhood days were similar but sometime different experience in their act compare to these days. How? After their waking up, following the usual formalities, they used to brush the teeth with charcoal or similar type of powder to mouth cleaning, protect their teeth and enjoy the fresh breath for the day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Landybirdal Wedding dresses 2016

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2016 Wedding dresses from Cocomelody

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Neighbor country's issue often

I am unable to understand few things since childhood days, one of them is all about the neighbor country (Pakistan), few of their acts that few of those group names often reflects in a TV News or a local newspaper about few Pak citizens entering into India and blasts or fires against innocent Indians, kills, claim lives and sometime they kill themselves while encounter etc. 

What is their motive other than already settled down Kashmir issue (in Tashkand) a long back?.

Those who involved in this mission, their act neither shows any Republic nor Kingdom pattern and their favors, also, their act neither based on Islam principle nor Military pattern and their favors. It is overall against everything and it is often mounting tense between these two countries, claiming innocent lives, claiming army lives, good relationship breaks often, diplomatic tense despite they take oath every time, hate increases often, local and international condemn, money wastage for both the sides and so on in the list.

Is there any political motive on this since their act doesn't follow any four (Republic, Kingdom, Islam and Military) of them and their pattern, principles and laws? Even if it is a political one to gain the votes and win the election in local, what they would gain from these innocent death other than hell, at later?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Go with Nature and live naturally

Human born and tend to go with nature or else one or other day the same human may worry for a long on various things and that time it will be too late to come back for the things that human missed it long back for the steps that taken against the nature. Live naturally doesn't mean live naturally without human's discipline or live naturally without dresses, or live like a long back or many centuries back that human lives and follows their culture etc. It means live naturally matching today's trend and discipline though one can follow some old perfect disciplines too which matches ever including religious taught. So, one has to find the reality to know both the sides before conclusion.

Human normally put themselves like a busy for everything in most cases and thinks that he/she is the only can do everything without which one can't live or face issue or even mental. It is completely wrong in some or most of the cases by assuming or thought as such. Here you go for some more detail on this.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sound sleeps while travel journey

I was once enjoying travel as I used to travel and roam often by bike, bus, car, train and flight etc. and later stopped to travel often due to a different job assignment and commitment. I had traveled in various transport mode as stated above for a short and long distance viz. Bike, Car, Bus, Train and even Flights etc. that some of them written on my blog posts.

If you are looking for information on how to travel, or travel tips, or the best way to travel, or tips for sleeping while travel etc. then read this post. I am just writing it as knowledge sharing. I had traveled in a Flight's first class seat couple of times where it has enough comfort to sleep like a bed-button type but it didn't worked well for me even sleeping for just one hour as well, while the journey was for more than four hours despite of tired of luggage and local travels to reach Airport etc. 

I tried in a luxurious and comfort AC buses for a long travel with semi-sleeper or seat with comfort like semi-bed type but it also doesn't worked well. The next one is the car, yes, the SUV also didn't worked it for me to get sound sleeping, so, no comment about a bike and sleeping upon travelling for either personal or holidays or vacation etc.