Monday, July 6, 2015

Reality - Part-1

A person was going to Chennai from Bangalore and got his seat in one of the public travel bus wherein that bus seats were slowly filling up. He had to go to Chennai just to meet his friend who helped him countless occasions; this was his main purpose to travel. He found another person was already sitting in the window seat and this guy happy to get the seat next to him and that too without any reservation, he also felt comfortable after reaching and catching the bus and its process along with little tiredness. So, after few minutes, this guy enquired the next sitting person as where is he going to know the purpose of travel? He replied seriously, 'no idea'. He was shocked, confirmed that not something wrong but whole thing wrong with this guy and immediately went to find another empty seat to accommodate himself safely.

This time, he found another person who was already sitting and looking at the window for outside world. He felt comfortable on getting seat beside him and finding that person’s personality with common behavior. He then asked him the same question after saying ‘hi’, where he is going to know the purpose or destination on the way before Chennai if any? He replied, going to Chennai. Oh, he took extra breath and felt that this person is far better to continue to talk while travelling till his destination.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Father – My Real Hero

There are many occasions in my life that helped me to hug my father or vice-versa (besides getting beaten up from him only for naughty work) and some of them I recalled to pen down here.

May be my father or mother or other relatives would have hugged me when I was born or child that I can’t recall it. However, I can recall my father’s first hug when I was young or child, the age was around five or six years and I was unable to walk properly due to prolong sickness and recovering slowly. Some advised to my parents at that time that I won’t walk for a long period. 

What my parents thought on their comment for me is of no idea but my father bought a baby cycle for me that helped me to ride it which I felt pain in the leg initially, discomfort to drive it and my parent realized my suffering. Since cycle for baby is like a toy or exciting tools to play, it was uneasy to me and I practiced riding the cycle hardly in that weakest situation with the help of parents or siblings.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mission Impossible – udd udd odor odor odor

Odour ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin bhi hai, this well known filmy dialogue is from famous Bollywood movie ‘Don’ though the title is of Hollywood movie seems mixed for this topic to write on ‘battle households odors daily smelly to smiley’. 
Odors can naturally occur for various reasons from various sources on different season. How to handle it to eliminate it completely from home or at lease battle against it? To do this, we have to find out the root cause of the issue first and take the steps accordingly. Now, we will go to see Don (Amitabh) vs Ethan (Tom Cruise) on this project. The odor at home may come from the following reason which hardly researched, investigated and found by Ethan in his MI (Mission Impossible) project.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Forest Jump – Adventure 2

After recent incident in the Forest with the Elephant against us like a Dinosaurs vs Car riding in Jurassic Park movie’s first scene, we were driving car back smoothly without any issue and the panic still remain the same except for one of our friend who was enjoying sleeping in the car without knowing any latest updates. Except him, everybody was thinking about the reality and something could happen suddenly at any time in such atmosphere whether we may or may not under control to face them. Though we would have faced little risk earlier in our normal life but this incident seems higher than previous one when we currently compared it and we have not compared it yet about upcoming risk as such.

We actually planned to stay whole day and night over there in the forest but seems like we gave up or we are about to cancel the night stay plan for a while. We actually forgot to take the high voltage lights to show the animal in case if they are about to attack us which tactically uses by forest people or guide in the dark atmosphere. While we reached around 5 kms back then everyone got some confidence and asking themselves that why should we return immediately as we just came in here at the boundary? Oh, again everyone got some guts to face the same risk or pass the risk or at least pass that place to move forward than returning home cowardly and awkwardly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer for SniffSniff from BA

There was a contest from BlogAdda for Men Bloggers in selected city viz. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. As per BA's instruction, they would courier couple of packages for shortlisted men bloggers and need to guess every-time and tweet / FB message immediately. We followed accordingly and for more detail read the detail as below.

First parcel received from BlogAdda and #SniffSniff was mystery ‘Clip’ or Clothe Lip that helped me to learn how to avoid odour by signaling indirectly to others. Simple idea with no expenses. This clip also helped me to use for drying clothes after wash.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stylish Lady Women's Casual Korean O-neck Short Sleeve Layered Chiffon Dress from Dresslink

With reference to my earlier article on Dresslink online shopping site and their product detail, this is to share information with you that I ordered one of the product from Dresslink and received it handy. It is nothing but Stylish Lady Women's Casual Korean O-neck Short Sleeve Layered Chiffon Dress, with reasonable price and delivered from DL Hong Kong within stipulated time given by Aramex. Here you go for it.

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Nose Knows Sniffing for shower

Few years back I had read one of the best articles in one of the local magazine. It is nothing but a person loves his grandson (his daughter’s son) just because of this child’s most of the characters are as same as him. He meant to say is that this child is replica of this old man by physical and behavior. Both love each other and important one is when this old man remember about his grandson character toward showering once in a few month as same as him. The old man got this habit just because of he was working in a forest for Tobacco company and hard to reach for water or well etc. to get water and shower as usual, and they can store water for just consumption. Transport and other facility is hard for them at that location.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Behavior of Soil and Human

The natural character of Soil is potential, if human tries to work softly with soil then soil will naturally help human to make a garden, agriculture, and all sort of benefits to human in the form of fruits, vegetable, rice, wheat, finding water, iron, and petrol and so on.

If human doesn't work or maintain the same soil continuously then the same garden or agriculture land can turn into wild by losing the potential first, then it will automatically create even wilder by producing useless plant, thorn, unnecessary barb products besides dwelling for Snakes, Scorpions, and insects and so on.