Monday, November 24, 2014

Do you want luck? Try to play lucky 6 game for it

Getting luck or lucky 6 has never been this easy. I downloaded FatCat Lucky 6 apps in my Android device once this contest was announced in IndiBlogger to experiment it, I followed the sign up procedure without any error but I don't know why I got an error after entering five digit password in Lucky 6 app screen that struck me for few hours. I tried it in different Android devices and iOS  (my friend's) device to cross-check, review and post for Lucky 6 to get some luck for me. The hurdle continues and posted a message in IB Forum about this error and for an instant I thought I got no luck for this contest's entry as least or getting lucky 6 apps has never been easy for me.

Later, I realized that 'Try cost nothing', however, I uninstalled this apps and switched off the device then re-installed Lucky 6 FatCat apps to check once again, luckily this time I got some luck to proceed further. I was pleased when app downloaded, signed up and entered in with five digits password to know eagerly its detail. This game is entirely different than what we assume for playing online game. This is something unique and possible for jackpot prize or earn huge money while playing this game from your smartphone or tablet PC. We need to follow just few simple steps to get some luck from FatCat / Lucky 6 game. This is actually a combining the fun of games on your mobile which is also fun to play with life changing prizes to grab on a particular day. The FatCat is a crowdfunded campaign. For detail on how to play Lucky 6, kindly check the following steps.

How to play FatCat Lucky 6 games from Smartphone

A. Download Lucky 6 from and signed in.
B. You can just pick any top six brands from the list given.
C. Get the ticket for it.
D. "My tickets" option is given to check your ticket status
E. Other than this, you will know score regularly by using “scoreboard” option.
F. You will win if these six brands stocks gains highest on game day.
G. Possible for large cash prizes or luxury holidays to its winner.

The more you share Lucky 6 with your near and dears, the more chances of luck and earn from this game beside their winnings. This is what we can do as well-wishers for others as easy as possible which helps us by Lucky 6 / Fatcat to earn more and more, what else you need it from this. You can try and experiment this game to get some luck, who knows door knocks to whom for luck? You can download Lucky 6 games for Android and iOS smartphones or tablet PC at the moment from and no idea on this apps for Windows Phone at the moment.

Most probably, Fat Cat is first launching an innovative lottery-style game called Lucky 6 in India, which could spark in the near future globally.

This article is written for Happy Hours from IndiBlogger for Lucky 6.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to bring back the touch

My grandma used to massage my hair and body with pure Coconut oil during childhood, it given me relax, cool, refreshes and healthy. Those days are gone since we grown up and time changes everything, now once or twice in a week, I have to apply hair oil by self and rare self-massage too.

Whenever I apply hair oil (unlimited like waterfalls from my hair) two hours before sleeping at the night time then my closed one used to run away immediately and used to return as bring back the touch on the next day after shower and re-freshen.

My alternate usage for pure Coconut oil from village is Parachute oil which we can get it easily from nearest shop, this one helps me to remember my childhood and grandma beside same habit and healthy experience, to get back the touch again. Parachute oil massage on hair helps to relieve the stress, help for scalp, strengthen hair and cool for eyes etc. Parachute oil has fragrance in addition to same man made quality of pure coconut oil which helps me for closed one to bring back the touch at night time too.

Advanced one: other than Parachute coconut oil for good and healthy experience, Parachute Advanced Body lotion helps to get rid of rough skin and tiredness. I can assure you that such lotion apply / massage helps to relieve the roughness of the skin specially during winter and helps to get rid of body pain and tiredness etcWe can find additional help from Parachute Advanced Body Lotion is that our skin become smooth, glow and natural one - like #BringBackTheTouch.

This article is written for #BringBackTheTouch from IndiBlogger.

Porcelanosa dream 24K home for me

I almost forgot the home which I have in my native though rare visits over there and just dreaming to get a new and own home (at least 600 sq ft) in the city where I live in right now or at least own 1BHK flat with reasonable rate with quite and pleasant atmosphere. 

By the graces of God, it looks like my dream is coming true very soon and the matching one is a special idea what I got recently from this latest contest for interior from Porcelanosa via IndiBlogger. Hopefully, Porcelanosa's interior for Kitchen, hall and bathroom may match for my dream home to come.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

Most of the time, I supposed to be at home and work from home for official work beside blogging / online job. Thus, I would like to have a nice hall and a separate room as my small office and work in pleasant and heavenly atmosphere. 

Everyone’s dream to get own home rather than staying in leased one or rented one or staying with relatives or dependent etc. It applies to me as well, so, I have to look into it very carefully and get the best one at the right time including dream interior items from here.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

I love to keep neat and clean the kitchen since we have to maintain hygienic everywhere and its priority is at kitchen too. I can use Porcelanosa's Kitchen Furniture as New Cocina Gamadeco which can help me for easy maintenance and very much attraction. I can enjoy the food at kitchen itself.

Image courtesy: Porcelanosa

This is what I was looking for, this is nothing but metal finished interior wall at hall. If you would like to go with this one then you have to reach Porcelanosa's metal effect wall tiles design. All of them combination will wonder you and will suit for space and budget.

This article is written for IndiBlogger contest on My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa.

Lesson for a cleaner and safer India

We used to hear campaign about Clean India everywhere but we forget our own responsible on this. To recall our responsible, kindly read this short article to learn some lesson on this subject.

There was a big place where the preacher used to preach about all human kind wellness and do’s and don’ts for everyone’s future sake. Generally people used to come from various locations as mass crowd, listen the preaching, appreciate, few of them follows practically and some just listen then forget it. In such place, there would be normally basic facility arranged for free such as seating facility, fan / electricity facility, food items, water facility, bathing facility and toilet facilities etc. Those days (80 years ago), there were no Indian Toilets but either man-made toilets in some of the places which manually used to clean when needed or an open defecation which affected health for those users including kids and women.

The head and preacher arranged manpower for everything to assist for the crowd on food service, water facility, bathing facility except the cleaning of the toilet / sanitary task. Still local people and other concern used to think sometime about mass crowd and their sanitary cleaning taking place and ignore that task since an old man alone (clothes covered with head / nose with different uniform dress wearing) used to arrive in the very early morning with kit to do the concern task. The days and years were gone as such, one fine day the old man didn’t arrive at the location and visitors started to talk about the sanitary / toilet cleanliness issue at that place on the following day itself.

Concern authorities were searching for that old man and unable to complain to head and preacher since head was out of station and preacher was very recently died. The concern authorities tried to hire local labor temporarily to clean it, also they approached the home of the head to inform about it since those days tele-communication was little tough one. They again approached to Preacher’s house to know the address of the old man who used to clean to reach him out for seeking usual assistance. The Preacher’s wife permitted them to enter the home and check the uniform / clothes to identify whether this is the person they are looking for? They identified that “Yes”, he is the one with the same uniform and covering clothes. Then Preacher’s wife told them ‘keep it secret’ this matter whether it could be of scandal or prestige matter but the fact is that Preacher used to clean those toilets / sanitary every day and showered before preaching people, since long. They were shocked about it, they realized about their own responsibilities and wellness of whole mankind which lies within. The old man very well aware about the cleanliness too which helps to help human being and eradicate the various dreadful diseases and air pollution beside preaching.

To avoid the various dreadful diseases and air pollution in India beside major issues related to health and safety, now few companies like Domex has taken an initiative to eradicate open defecation in villages and other towns. You can feel own responsible and bring changes in the lives of millions of people including kids, women and elders by supporting for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids and others live a dignified life.

This article is written for Domex Initiative from IndiBlogger. Thanks to visitors.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Child supervision only from mother and elders

When mother sees her child crawling and approaching the fire then she will get shocked first and try to rescue child as quickly as possible at any cost despite she could burn herself to save her child, regardless of mother status whether she is rich or poor in this circumstances. This love and care affection applies to all woman / mother and doesn’t matter racism too. As saying, Crow will love her baby regardless of any sort of fair or unfair complexion in this matter.

No mother in the world would like to see her child being discouraged from various factor including love, health, growth, development and overall future. In fact, she is the one who always grab her child for safe custody, feed, and sign of talk with kid, observation, helps to grow, encourage, looking for kid’s sound health, motivate and bring with success in every aspect at any age.

If the child play, go here and there, be active, do some naughty work, sound at home and break the domestic items then still mother will be there with child to support first though directly or indirectly supervise kids. When the child gets some natural and usual ill-health upon growing stage, the mother is the one who understand it first to take action before father or other relatives or Doctor realizes it. The home will be upset with silent along with mother in such situation, sometime eager to check the child specialist nearby to approach and make sure to care kid to recover from ill-health to get back with better health as before.

Mother will spend money as much she is capable for kid’s health and she will be ready to spend her time, additional love and energy at the same time till the situation become normal. She also knows that there will be supernatural power or God’s power to heal her kids beside medical dosage and care.

In this growing and fastest world’s atmosphere, there is no time for mother to take care while she is on business or job, still her heart will be with her kids as first priority whether she could be in any higher post or lower post – it doesn’t matter.

To cure ill-child, mother has to identify the issue of the kid’s health to diagnose accordingly. Wrong identification of the health issue by mother or Doctor can lead to a wrong diagnose which can harm child or the patients. Thus, either mother or specialist has to identify the root cause of the ill-health of child to cure it ontime accordingly.

Recently I got to see my friend’s 7 months old son who was suffering from eyes tearing and it was looking like running water from his eyes often, it was happening for the past few days despite my friend taken him to Doctor, diagnosed and prescribed it on time. It was useless, and Doctor given him just an eye related drops to cure it whereas the kid was actually suffering from heavy sinus and cold which lead to eyes' tear (as it happens to elder as well during heavy cold or sinus where the elder can explain it in a better way but not the child). 

Later, he got to go with other Child specialists, identified the reason and got cured accordingly. Since the child was born during last summer, and winter started recently, so the child was with no immune, no control of cold, suffered from heavy sinus and cold which identified later and done the diagnose. Thanks to the elder who advised them as wise.

Though it is fact, this article is written for IndiBlogger contest along with Dabur Chywanprash (3 times Immunity). Thanks for reading this post.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Philips Speaker from Univercell and IndiBlogger

Reference to the contest from IndiBlogger on Univercell sync, I am very pleased to inform all bloggers and visitors that I have received a Philips Speaker and thanks letter from Univercell and IndiBlogger as valid entry for my participation for that contest, the contest is called Univercell Sync. Kindly check the link given for more detail.

In case, if you would like to know more detail on this topic discussion among participation or bloggers, you may also visit the official page of IndiBlogger Forum at IndiBloggers in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. I hope very soon all will know who is going to be the winner for collecting the Smartphone from Univercell.

Here you go for the snaps of Philips Speaker from Univercell and IndiBlogger.

Thanks to Univercell and IndiBlogger.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to enjoy Travel along

There are different heads with different thoughts while they travel at any place across globe with any sort of travel mode at any time whether it could be of day or night time. Some of them travel seriously, some of them travel casually and some of them travel with nervous mood and some of them travel with fun around till they reach the destination from the departure. It is all depend on one's personal emotion and mood. 

However, one of the incident occur with an Indian vs Foreigner which observed by others too, both of them (Indian and Foreigner) sitting beside in the same row. Since flight was for a long hour journey, crew then served the lunch based on the country's taste food. As usual, Foreigner got his country's lunch items and Indian got his regions' lunch. The foreigner specially surprised by seeing some of the different shape lunch items in Indian's tray. 

Indian started to have the lunch from Poori with thick gravy and foreigner asked him, what is this? Indian replied, this is Poori sagu - made in India. Indian observed the foreigners' food beside and he was habituated to that food (Sandwich, fillet, salad and soft drinks beside etc.), again Indian started with Chappathi with different gravy, foreigner again asked him, what is this? Indian replied this is called Chappathi and its suitable gravy - he stated again it is made in India. He then started yellow color rice with different mashed masala, foreigner again asked him, what is this? He replied, this is Biryani - made in India. He finally had different sweet, again foreigner asked him, what is this? Indian replied, this is sweet which we used to have at the end of the lunch but made in India.

All of them had their lunch together but our man started to release carbon dioxide with little sound, foreigner observed and asked him, what is this? He replied, this is Air India.

This story/fun is just to entertain and there is no any direct or indirect hint with anyone. This is written for IndiBlogger contest to participate in more Indian than you think topic for Lufthansa.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pullover from Asus and IndiBlogger

Finally I got a Pullover gift from Asus and IndiBlogger three weeks back for participating and winning the contest topic of Asus Transformer Book T100. Thank God, the gift reached safely and is useful at this moment in Bangalore due to cold season begun to enjoy Pullover from Asus / IB. Thanks to all of them.

The article what I had written on this topic is just a casual one, you may check it out here with the title of License to World's Link - Asus Transformer Book T100.

Dear visitors, stay tuned and I will share with you what all I have received as gifts or contest winner so far from blogging world. You can do it as well.