Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to enjoy Travel along

There are different heads with different thoughts while they travel at any place across globe with any sort of travel mode at any time whether it could be of day or night time. Some of them travel seriously, some of them travel casually and some of them travel with nervous mood and some of them travel with fun around till they reach the destination from the departure. It is all depend on one's personal emotion and mood. 

However, one of the incident occur with an Indian vs Foreigner which observed by others too, both of them (Indian and Foreigner) sitting beside in the same row. Since flight was for a long hour journey, crew then served the lunch based on the country's taste food. As usual, Foreigner got his country's lunch items and Indian got his regions' lunch. The foreigner specially surprised by seeing some of the different shape lunch items in Indian's tray. 

Indian started to have the lunch from Poori with thick gravy and foreigner asked him, what is this? Indian replied, this is Poori sagu - made in India. Indian observed the foreigners' food beside and he was habituated to that food (Sandwich, fillet, salad and soft drinks beside etc.), again Indian started with Chappathi with different gravy, foreigner again asked him, what is this? Indian replied this is called Chappathi and its suitable gravy - he stated again it is made in India. He then started yellow color rice with different mashed masala, foreigner again asked him, what is this? He replied, this is Biryani - made in India. He finally had different sweet, again foreigner asked him, what is this? Indian replied, this is sweet which we used to have at the end of the lunch but made in India.

All of them had their lunch together but our man started to release carbon dioxide with little sound, foreigner observed and asked him, what is this? He replied, this is Air India.

This story/fun is just to entertain and there is no any direct or indirect hint with anyone. This is written for IndiBlogger contest to participate in more Indian than you think topic for Lufthansa.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pullover from Asus and IndiBlogger

Finally I got a Pullover gift from Asus and IndiBlogger three weeks back for participating and winning the contest topic of Asus Transformer Book T100. Thank God, the gift reached safely and is useful at this moment in Bangalore due to cold season begun to enjoy Pullover from Asus / IB. Thanks to all of them.

The article what I had written on this topic is just a casual one, you may check it out here with the title of License to World's Link - Asus Transformer Book T100.

Dear visitors, stay tuned and I will share with you what all I have received as gifts or contest winner so far from blogging world. You can do it as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Does Food nourished by God?

A person heard preaching of a scholar on the topic of the “food and other requirements allotment for human being and other creatures on the earth”. Once he heard that the food is allotted and nourished by God to all human being then he decided not to have food to experiment on “how God allots and nourishes food to human being” if he/she didn’t accept or have it.

So, he went to home after heard this topic where her mother asked him to have a lunch (during lunch time) and he refused it, mother surprised and she got no idea since objecting for food by son is new for her. She tried twice to enquire and convince him but son refused to say and eat, she then went to relax as the time was afternoon. At that moment, he was happy that God might be allotted the food but he didn’t accept it though he was hungry.

The time gone as usual and now dinner time arrived, again he refused to accept the dinner despite many forces and love affections from mother for food having. He went outside the home without having dinner due to mother’s followed up and forces. He was sitting near home where mother brought his favorite tasty dinner food for her son to have it but again he refused, mother kept the food outside and told him to have when hungry or wish, and she went to sleep for the night. Since he is about to sleep outside the home but the nearby food smell doesn’t help him to sleep over there, so he went a little opposite of the home where a big tree and shelter was, as in the villages.

The place was open, remote and good for the stranger to arrive, visit and relax; as said remote place, now a group of thief came therein where they used to assemble normally to plan for robbing around for the day. A thief told that there was a smell of delicious food which can help them to have it some for appetite, a person from that group searched, approached that food and brought to those thieves. The head of thief was smart; it was sudden advised not to eat without experiment since it might be possible of poison mixing to trap them out. So, he ordered, investigate the person nearby, few thieves from that group found a person sleeping near the tree / shelter, they woke him up and asked him whether he kept that food? He replied with “No”, so they doubted on him and forced him to have it first to check for any issue, he refused it then they confirmed that this guy is making plan to trap those thieves by putting some poison on it. Again, they asked him to have that food, still this person refused, they slapped him, again refused, they beaten him but he refused again, then they beaten by sandal / shoe, then he had some food. Finally, all the thieves relaxed and confirmed that there is no issue or poison in that food, so rest of the food had by the group of thieves by enjoying the utmost dinner with free license.

The next day, this gentleman again went to the preaching place where the subject was about to start and continue the topic from the preachers, scholar came and preached for the day. At the end, this person told preacher’s not to incomplete the matter about “Does Food nourished by God?”, the scholar shocked and surprised from his saying then he replied to him “I said it as per religious book”. This gentleman told, that is what incomplete, you should have said “Food nourished by God, if not food nourished by God by force with beating or beating with shoes” etc. Scholar really surprised what he is saying about as Scholar is not aware the matter behind.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aasmaan se gira aur Khajoor pe atkaa

There is a famous proverb in Urdu / Hindi  which says "Aasmaan se gira aur Khajoor pe latkaa" and sometime similar situation happens with anyone at any occasion. The question is, if it is minor one for matching this proverb then no issue but in case if it is a major one then this proverb let us stick in our mind for a long time along with that incident. So, check the below detail to know one of the major incident happened almost matching the proverb.

A young man accidentally felt down from the sixth floor and got no injured and survived miraculously, this news was spread nearby areas like a breaking news or hot topic. He was just shocked for few hours and relaxing at home where many near and dear visited him to see his well-being. He was diverted his attention from this incident on visitors chatting, however it is hard to just ignore the incident for few hours or days since many will ask about it often, so one has to recall it again though it is bitter experience. 

However, his friends came in and was talking about the incident and other matters, the friendship chat was going on. At the end, one of his friend asked him for sweet on this good news (survived news) so this young man said he will go to the sweet shop which is opposite to his home and bring famous sweets for them. When he moved and walked from home to shop, there was a wet (washed) slippery carpet in the street which he ignored and kept his leg, slept and felt down which cause him to get head injured and immediate death.

He escaped from big tragedy just few hours ago and now he stuck in big simply. Though it is sadden one but it happens sometime and matching this proverb as well. Take care :)

By the way, I would like to request visitors' to say its (Aasmaan se gira aur Khajoor pe atkaa) translate or meaning in English, doesn't matter even if it is fun like "Skyfall and hanging to death" :). You may comment below differently about it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beautiful daughter of Goldsmith - Searching...

You would have come across this story in any form, however I would like to blogging here to let you remind once again if you have come across or read as a new one if you haven't come across. Doesn't matter, the story is really interesting.

A young King along with his soldiers went to a river to swim and enjoy the day, there was already a group of girls were enjoying the swimming. These girls came out of the water once they heard the voice of battalion, one of the girls was so beautiful and King liked her and the group of girls moved from there immediately. King and soldiers enjoyed the swimming and King was just thinking about her even when he reached the palace too. He almost fall in love with her in a glance and unable to see her afterward, he always thinking about her and forgot his duty often.  At night, King didn’t sleep at all just by thinking her and remembering her face and walk.

In the morning, he ordered soldiers to investigate about her detail. Soldiers returned with her address and she was the daughter of famous Goldsmith in nearby area. King ordered soldiers to invite Goldsmith at palace, but Goldsmith never came to the palace even after four days over. King again ordered soldiers to invite him, again Goldsmith never came to palace even after eight days over.

King ordered soldiers to arrest Goldsmith and sent soldiers to Goldsmith place, they found that Goldsmith house was locked. King again ordered soldiers to search them whereabouts, they searched everywhere but found them not.  Now, they planned differently with some reward, the one who trace them out will be rewarded with 1kg Gold. The days gone, many searched about them, but Goldsmith and his daughter never found even after ten days over. They planned differently this time; they announced that the one who is helping Goldsmith family will be hanged to death, again, Goldsmith family unable to find after many efforts and even one month passed once again by just searching them. Now, King directly announced the entire regime and they will get punish if they don’t help or find Goldsmith family, still unable to trace them out as month passed.

King once again asked helps with other regime’s Kings to find them whereabouts but still not able to get them out. Now, King depressed and felt alone with his love, he slept just due to few days sleepless night and tired at the same time he saw a dream where he is going to the same river and then suddenly he woke up from the dream and ran to the same river at the night time and waited for whole day to come to see the opportunity for her face. No positive result.

Now, King planned to meet famous Baba at the region so he along with soldiers reached Baba, he heard the story of King then Baba directed to a place and hut which was near to that river. Now, King happy to know the location and reach that hut near the river. He saw a girl accompanying an old man in that hut but King disappointed due to that ugly face girl and she was not the one that already seen or dreamt girl, still unable to find Goldsmith and his beautiful girl. The way King story going was filled with sad and strange, now King finally boycott soldiers for this task and hand over it to CBI (Spy team).

But still unable to find Goldsmith even after few months passed, King become more sadden.

Finally, King story, soldier story, his regime story, other regime King story, reward story, CBI story for searching on Goldsmith and his daughter were going just like wasting precious time on reading this article / blog by you where there is no link to you.

Don’t laugh it, the same thing happened to me as well when I experienced as you did now. You can take revenge for it if you say this story to any near and dear, specially to your close friend, dear reader.

However, please let me know if you find Goldsmith and his daughter. She is really beautiful.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Independence Day Speech sample letters for kids and students

Are you looking online for some of the best sample letters of Independence Day Speech? If so, you are in the right page at the right time as India is about to celebrate its 68th Independence Day on upcoming 15th Aug 2014.

Many school or college kids and students are looking online for some of the best letters for Independence Day Speech to present on that event, so, we would like to help those students and kids to prepare for Independence Day and its Speech statement by providing some sample over here.

The above links are going to help you to get some articles of Independence Day Speech which you can check and get an idea to prepare your own for upcoming Independence Day celebration.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak 2014 Eid ul-Fitr

In most of the Asian countries other than most of the Gulf region, Ramzan Eid festival is going to celebrate on 29th July 2014 / Tuesday. However, most of the Gulf countries celebrated Ramzan Eid festival today dated 28th July 2014 / Monday. Such differences usually taking place due to lunar calendar, subject to moon sight in different region with different day / time etc. Ramzan is the name and the 9th month of Islamic calendar and Shawwal is the name and the 10th month of Islamic calendar.

After 29 days of fasting, Muslim worldwide celebrating 2014 Eid ul-Fitr / Eid Mubarak with their near and dear on this auspicious day. This fasting is a kind of obligation which most of the Prophets used to do in their tenure and asked their follower to do the same, though there are many health benefits on fasting, Muslims however does fasting per commandment and obligation. Each healthy Muslims who are 7 years old and above has to be followed the fasting, the obligation is for all whether they rich or poor, male or female and old or young. Fasting has to be commenced when the sight of the moon begin in the 9th month of the Islamic calender and the fasting has to be ended when the sight of the moon begin at the 10th month of the Islamic calender. Since it is depend on moon sight, sometime Ramzan fasting will be for 29 days or 30 days, it is subject to the moon sight, verification and official announcement from relevant authority.

Each day fasting will begin before Sunrise and it will complete when or after Sunset of the day, as such it will go either 29 or 30 days in the month of Ramzan every year. The one who fast shall not drink or eat or do related items in this timings, the time may take from 12 hours to 18 hours of fasting and it is subject to region and their timings along with sunrise / sunset etc.

This Ramzan month specially let realize to the individual about other poor people across the world who suffered or used to suffer often with no food or water or ill-economy etc. Islam religion and its followers are specially consider this month is for poor and needy along with adhering obligations. The one who is fasting has to pray additionally as compulsorily other than regular prayers, they have to do zikr or remembrance of God in every second, must be polite and humble, obey the obligation without fail, be patient, help needy, give alms / charity, maintain peace and so on.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My visit will be on western Oman for historical search

Question of IB/Ministy of Oman Tourism: If you could visit the beautiful country of Oman, where would you go, what would you do and why?

My Answer: If I could visit the beautiful country of Oman, I would go nowhere than the border of western Oman or eastern Yemen (close to Oman) where the historical place is hidden and vanished in the past due to natural circumstances against the creator of the nature. This is the place where long back or few thousand years ago (before Prophet Moses came), the strongest people lived on the earth ever, their height was 60 to 70 feets (I don't do any typo mistakes over here as nowadays we human can be taller less than 8 or 7 feets only, no zero added for those people either) and their chest measurement was like 5 to 15 meters and not inches. They used to become adult when they crosses their age 200 to 300 (Two hunderd to three hundred) years old and they used to live simply for 800 to 1300 (Eight hundred to One thousand three hundred) years naturally. Their hair never become whiten even if they cross 800 (Eight hundred) years old, their teeth never felt down even if they become old and they never loosen positive or negative eye vision. They used to built home very tallest, they used to throw tallest dates tree simply like very small plant at home and they used to use those tree for drying their clothes and so on. 

These people none other than the third and fourth generation of Prophet Noah who saved a group of followers (around 80 people) from the arc. These people known as "Qaum-e-Aad" (Generation of Aad - Aad is the son of Aus, Aus is the son of Aram, Aram is the son of Shem and Shem is the son of Prophet Noah), they were very well aware about the earlier history and incident of Noah and its arc with other Noah's non-followers destroyed incident etc. These people taken measure against such incident if any comes so they built their home on the top of the mountain or on the land with tallest builiding to escape from rain and flood as happened to Noah's duration. They were strong businessman and industrialist and their King name was called Shaddad (in Wiki) (son of Aad, as above stated chain-link names) who thought himself as God and controlled the whole humanity across and sometime crush the people who don't follow him. There was a warner to him at that time who was called Prophet Hud (in Wiki) who was cousin to King Shaddad, those community again ignored the Prophet Hud and did as individual choice and King's choice than supposed to follow the creator's discipline. 

One fine day, Prophet Hud sorrowfully replied to Creator of the nature about their community's ignorance and sinful act. That's it, as other destroyed early with the no followers of Prophet, these inhabited too were about to fall in the same row. Creator (God) can have so many technique than created (Human) one, this time no rain or flood to punish them (like punishment to Noah's non-follower) but different one, yes, air was waiting to punish them out, thus God loosen the air control through its Angel which each heaviest and tallest person on the earth (so called Generation of Aad) were flown toward the sky with the heaviest wind and put them back on the earth (as thrown) resulting some of them died and some of them separated with their skull from their body and died. Their dead bodies were seems like many groups of coconut trees fallen on the earth. The air with no control or wind was going on for few days except saving some of the followers of the Prophet Hud only - as per earlier historical testaments. You can see some of the images in this article to know that recently (around in year 2000) some of the skull found nearby those places, their living area was vast and it includes now many Gulf region / countries including Saudi Arabia and Yemen etc. It might be abandoned place nowadays or no civilization over there except looks like a desert, this is the place where I wish to visit and know in-depth detail about it. 

Images courtesy: Sources

Time changes everything but history remain same forever in every place across the globe. This article is written for Indiblogger contest on Beautiful Oman Tourism topic. 

Note: The above fact never directly or indirectly says good or bad about any place or region or human. Just sharing it as an historical one. Though I have already been to some of the Gulf countries earlier like, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and once Seeb International Airport in Oman as Transit flight way. Each country have historical places to observe and there is no end or limit for learning and getting knowledge.