Monday, May 25, 2015

Behavior of Soil and Human

The natural character of Soil is potential, if human tries to work softly with soil then soil will naturally help human to make a garden, agriculture, and all sort of benefits to human in the form of fruits, vegetable, rice, wheat, finding water, iron, and petrol and so on. 

If human doesn't work or maintain the same soil continuously then the same garden or agriculture land can turn into wild by losing the potential first, then it will automatically create even wilder by producing useless plant, thorn, unnecessary barb products besides dwelling for Snakes, Scorpions, and insects and so on.

Human doesn't need to work for this wild act from soil but when human stop working with soil for making garden or agriculture is more than enough to put it into that worse condition. So, one has to work to make a garden or benefit, and on the other hand, work or effort is not necessary to make the same garden as wild.

Thus, the same character for human too who born from the same soil. If he/she works in a right way then he/she can turn himself/herself to fruitful life and make a garden or even heaven around on the earth itself. If they don’t work for it then it will automatically bring them at a lower level or wild or even hell on the earth. Discipline makes man or human perfect.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dresslink shopping for all ages

I have recently came across one of the best online shopping site, it is none other than Dresslink. I have gone through this website and came to know that it has lots of varieties of dressing material, bags, shoes and other day to day requirements for all the ages. 

You can try to visit Dresslink website to know more detail about it. However, the below are the favorite wish list for me which you can check them too.

Bags from Dresslink

Jeans and Tops from Dresslink

Chiffon's Short Blouse Shirt off from Dresslink

Note: For more detail on each item's description, price, shipping etc., you are requested to visit official website of Dresslink.

Friday, May 15, 2015

PAYTM for coupons and discount offers

Are you online shopping lovers and buyers but you don’t have any idea on how to save money from your regular purchasing online? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on time. There are few companies like Paytm and 27coupons who would like to help online buyer to give them coupon or Promo coupon or discounts vouchers which you can redeem from your total payable amount.

If you are looking for such golden opportunity, you may then visit either or to get various discounts and offers to enjoy your shopping beside saving lot of money for additional shopping. Paytm and 27coupons jointly helping customers’ to get cashback, coupon deals, coupon codes beside managing DTH recharge, utility bill payment from its app online for Mobile phone users. Paytm will help you anytime for discounts and offers.

More than five features from Paytm App.

First, you shall know how to download Paytm App to get various offers from it.

1. You can visit Google Playstore to free download Paytm App or you can directly download from the link given here for PayTM.

2. It is easy to download in your Smartphone on the spot if you have net connectivity, once you downloaded the Paytm app, you have to register by entering your Mobile number and other data's to proceed further.

3. Paytm App screen will show ‘Your name’ and ‘discount/ coupon if any’ beside ‘buy’ option for offer.

4. You can use Paytm App for searching discount coupons – it will ask you to subscribe for obtaining discounts.

5. Paytm Surprises message will show you with some offers at the bottom.

6. If you really use Smartphone with net connectivity, you will get various offers to ‘Claim or Go’ option to touch and get them.

7. In main menu of Paytm Apps, you will find ‘Add’ option, ‘Notification’, ‘Settings’ and ‘I want to’ and so on. Try to check them to get an idea and great offers.

8. Paytm Apps help you to manage Pay Bills, Prepaid, Postpaid, Track account usage, Broadband and DTH services etc.

This is what 27coupons helps the customers with additional discounts on their various offers which you can browse from Computer or Smartphone to avail it. You just sign up and go through various coupons brand wise or item wise to select the discount offer to avail it.

Right now Paytm is offering for their customers as below;

1. Up to 35% cash back on Men's casual shirts
2. Rs 5000 cash back on DSLR camera
3. Up to 50% cash back on Automotive items
4. Up to Rs 1000 off on external hard disk drive, and many more to see on its website or app.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother - My First Expert

As usual, every mother used to laugh or smile only once when we cry - the time we born. The rest of the time she will cry when we cry and she will smile when we laugh. Other than this, nowadays, we used to either make her tense or cry instead of going with her. She has given enough courage by God to manage children like us though we almost suffocate her. Who can care us more than our mother? God gave some of his characters to mother who can manage everything with mercy and clam at any situation.

Who is your first expert?

My First Expert is none than (shall be or can be) my beloved mother whom I can remember and call daily whether she is with me or far from me. I mostly trust my mother than my father for all the secrets and actions to do. She is the only one after God shown me how to go outside the home, see the world, be friend and careful with the world, observe all and face every challenges in life.

The more she encourages me the more courage's I got from her support. She conceived me for a long without killing me though she got power to do so. She helped me to grow safely every moment with her whether she sleeps or work or walk. Her carefulness moment is not for her but for me. 

Mother, she eats not for her but for me, she slept not for her but for me, she suffered pain not for her but for me. Hmmm, what else I can disclose her sacrifices. Yes, still there are plenty to tell which you can cry by recalling your story for the same. You will immediately reach, meet and love your mom if I say more than this whether you are in a situation where you hates her for whatever silly reason. 

Mother sacrifices are 3/4th of the father does. Though both (Father and Mother) are important in everyone's life but mother role plays very important in everyone's life since we were in her womb. She was very careful on our physical and health completeness.

Mother blessing is more important than others, she help to feed, she help to teach, and she help to do the entire act what we supposed to do in every stage beginning from the day one. No one on the earth can get success without her advice and support. Even if one get success without her advice could be temporary and later one will be realized that the reality of her advice outcome.

Ok, wait, she have done all sort of her duties and responsibilities without expecting any return than just love and care to her at any stage she may required from us. But, do we really care her when deemed necessary, can you recall the days when you shout or behave rood with her? This is nasty, unfair and inhumanity. Ask her to forgive and join with her - that is what you are about to give her thanks in this Mother's Day for your First Expert. The next one is, you may or may not give gift - you are precious gift for her.

Wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What is Ek Nayi League from Kapil Dev? Sports? Quiz? Trade?

What is this Ek Nayi League which Kapil Dev is talking about? Any guess? Any rough guesses? No idea? But there are some hints given from the text and videos at official website of Ek Nayi League and still not able to understand them? However, today is the result for the same in Twitter but have no idea on the one who is about to win what they wrote or tweeted on this to know more detail about this new league. Is it like IPL? Is it related to Cricket? Is it related to Sports quiz? Is it related to investment in Sports to win? Hmmm, check this for more detail.

Wait, we can guess some of them from those videos and texts. The first video says that this is all about Ek Nayi League by Kapil who is Haryana or India’s Lion since late 1970 in the Cricket World. Kapil Dev who helped us to bring our country proud for many successes in his era including 1983 World cup debut, international test/ODI and B&H etc.

After his service and retirement, Kapil Dev helped Cricket sports field and Board development in India beside shouldering other related responsibilities. One of them was ICL (Indian Cricket League in 2007) fame where there were no IPL (Indian Premier League) at that moment which BCCI fail to recognize ICL where Kapil had to resign from NCL (National Cricket League). He had to sacrifice to get something big for us.

Coming back to the ENL (Ek Nayi League), Kapil is talking to Kapil Sharma who is TV / stage comedian and well known personality to invite many celebrities to add more fun on the stage. Kapil Dev said to Kapil Sharma on pronouncing his name looks strange / odd due to looks pronouncing self and would like to call Kapil Sharma as Chittu (may be small or junior). Kapil Dev added that Chittu is an outstanding performer in his profession who perform by heart to make fun out of run as sudden Googly against celebrity, which is an art.

The next statement is all about Dhoni and his retirement statement around. Kapil Dev once said to film star Dev Anand that he is about to retire from his career, so, he got immediate reply from Dev Anand that, No Kapil, you shall not get retirement and Star never get retirement. Never.

The other one is, all about the sports and Tennis performer and career of Sania Mirza who is on Top 20 in the World Tennis sports. Kapil said that it is our pleasure that her name is on top 20 out of 300 sports women in India for the same sports field. Kapil had to argue with many on behalf her to proud on this matter. It is of course.

The last one is all about the money and travel around by sportsperson beside Yuvraj Singh’s achievement after and before his health (cancer) issue in addition to 16 crores contract for his IPL performance which is a huge and it shows his efficiency and performance through heart.

At the end, what is this #EkNayiLeague which Kapil Dev says if one played with their heart will fail but you have to go more for this new game to win out of the crowd? Yes, you can use your brain as well beside your heart to win the innings. What it could be? As below?

Sports Fun and Quiz?
Sports like IPL in 10 over’s?
Sports Investment?
Sports business opportunity?

Guess yourself till Kapil Dev is officially announced it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 specs, features and price detail

Are you confused on deciding and buying a latest Smartphone for you or your beloved ones? Are you looking for the latest and the best Smartphone with greatest features? If so, just spend few minutes over here to get the detail on one of the best Brand Smartphone with higher configuration and affordable price to buy it.
It is none other than Asus Zenfone 2 Smartphone to buy without further thinking. Why? Check the detail below.
If you have a gadget wish list for 2015-16 or want to have a new dream partner with you then grab Asus Zenphone 2 which has an outstanding features and advanced technical specification including 4GB RAM other specs.
If you are confused on which Smartphone to buy at the moment then just forget everything and don’t keep searching online and offline for a better features and performance etc. You just check the detail specification and online review for Asus Zenfone 2 and buy it simply.
If you are looking for medium sized Smartphone with higher configuration then grab Asus Zenfone 2 without consulting anyone.
If you are looking for cheap and best functioning Smartphone then again I suggest you to go with Zenfone 2.
If you are looking for the best dealing online for this gadget then visit Flipkart website to buy it online or try to visit nearest Asus dealer to get it done.
If you are looking for the Smartphone which can perform better for audio, image and video etc. then simply grab Zenfone 2 without more thinking on it.
Zenfone 2 is suitable for any kinds of climate whether you are in high temperature atmosphere or stay in Antartica. As you would have experiences, some of the Smartphone hangs or doesn’t work or won’t display anything during very cool temperature or wet atmosphere etc. but this quality is simply awesome for any types of weather to handle smoothly. You may visit Facebook for more detail on this.
I recently visited Asus official website to know more about Zenfone 2 Smartphone specs in detail to get dream into reality.

Asus Zenfone 2 Smartphone Technical specification:

RAM detail:
4GB RAM can boost Smartphone function which is great. Zenfone 2 can perform let you make happy on its better navigation, performance and without hanging while you handle or browse it. This is the best Smartphone specs at the moment since it has higher configuration of course.
Intel quad-core processor:
#Zenfone2 has Intel 64-bit quad-core processor which is heart of the device, this specs combination can help you to enjoy the overall performance or it can work equivalent to latest computer. Roam around easily with the big processor, function and datas. It has ZenUI.
Internal memory:
Zenfone 2 has 32 GB internal storage, in which around 26 GB is user accessible for the end user. The more memory in the mobile, the more convenient to use it for both, officially and personally. This device is Ergonomic Arc design one.
Android Lollipop OS:
#AsusZenfone2 introduced with latest OS called Lollipop which is after Android’s KitKat OS. As per recent review detail for Lollipop OS, I got to see various healthy feedbacks from the end users. You can simply navigate and browse very well since it has may additional apps which it is not necessary to separately download them.
Camera performance:
Zenfone 2 has 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera which can help to you the best result on image and videos. It has finest pixels quality (PizelMaster camera) which you won’t think further to use other than this one.
If you are travelling in a night time or in a lower light area then don’t worry, Zenfone 2 will help you to get the best resolution of the image and videos without even flash. The rear camera's video mode of 1080p (full HD) videos let you enjoy the clarity and zero shutter lag.
Battery juice:
As we have experienced in the recent past, some of the Smartphone doesn’t long last battery which puts us in trouble when important calls attending or browsing it. Without long lasting battery the battery of the Smartphone gives us anxious, specially while on travel without carrying any power bank or other charging option. This Zenfone 2 can enrich you up to 60% of juicing the power back up within 40 minutes max. This is one of the advantages from Zenfone 2 in terms of Battery and its process.
Asus Zenfone 2 price is around Rs 20,000/=*
To know more detail on this gadget, please visit Asus Zenfone 2 detail herewith.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Where is Tamarind trees on the highway

When I was a child, I saw lots of Tamarind trees standing both the sides of the highway road. It is completely disappeared within few decades. To be frank, they are destroyed by human recently and they were planted by human long back. Those trees used to give Tamarind in a particular season, those trees used to give fresh air, shadow, home for other species, wooden for human and helpful for lorry or bus driver when they found their vehicle's break fail and full support and stop to their vehicle.

There were many trees and forest destroyed as such. The careless consumer is more than the selfless planter. It is very hard to find selfless planter nowadays ignoring self on this initiative. Why shall I look for others who is selfless planter? Why not me?!

Once an old man asked his friend who was an old man too, why did you plant the tree now? He said, it will be helpful for others after few decades. His friend said, what is the use of it for you now. He said, nothing more than a dream and benefit to others in the future. Then, why did you plant it? He said, if everybody thinks the same and didn't plant anything other than the forest and those trees consumption, then what will happen to others in the near future? The other old man stunned and helped him to plant more trees.

Those trees were/are helping us, those trees silently helped many and the planter helped many creatures. Remember, not only those trees are helping us but those old man advice, very few people's well wishes and action on planting benefiting us around to freshen breath with other potential advantages. Anyhow, when I/you am/are going to take action and plant a tree? Don't I/you have interested on planting tree as those old man does for us? Be ready.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Man of the Millennium - Will of steel

Who is Man of the Millennium? 

75 years old man
30 years salary toward needy
Whole Pension amount to needy
Worked as part time to run his personal life and expenses
Awarded 30 crores again given to the needy
One of the outstanding people in 20th Century
Other reward given to the needy

Are you interested to know ‘will of steel’ and Man of the Millennium? If so, here you go for the detail on Man of the Millennium. There are human gems which we are actually not aware through mouth-advertisement or media news or newspaper or other news sources for a long time until and unless there is some power and time to know and learn about them as surprise which world has few people alike. One of them is, none other than Man of the Millennium Mr. Kalyanasundaram.

This small article will help you to know about the hidden giant and Man of the Millennium who is popularly known worldwide after his whole life sacrifices just for poor and needy people around.

There were many talks about this man who created different history which is just beyond the imagination for normal salaried or business profession. Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram, Indian citizen, who got ‘Man of the Millennium award’ few years back which the award is like a dream one for many social workers or social service organization. Read this one to know more surprises and achievements from him.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram was working as a librarian for 30 long years and the best librarian in India and one of the top 10 librarians in the world. He was one of the hidden personalities and doing his best performance as selfless living; the person is selfless deeds and served many poor people to fulfill their requirement.

Sacrifices of Mr. Kalyanasundaram - Man of the Millennium as below;

I am about to share some more detail on Man of the Millennium and about selfless living fable from India, Mr. Kalyanasundaram. It is something like out of the box and beyond one’s noble act. Mr. Kalyanasundaram is unmarried, he intended to help poor and needy since he began his career. He had donated his very first salary till his last salary to the needy only. It sometime looks beyond the believable but at this situation one has to believe that he has donated his whole salary and life just for the needy. 

Also, Mr. Kalyanasundaram has donated whole retirement fund amount around Rs.10 lakhs for the social cause as well. He is the only person in the world who has donated his entire earnings for the needy. In addtion, Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram used to work as part time jobs in a reputed Hotel to earn for his personal care and expenses. Everybody in the world might be surprised and pleased to read about this gentleman’s dignified act.

People normally used to do social services and helps to the needy for few times or occasionally like contributing fund to social cause or needy in any incident but this gentleman's sacrifices and achievement ever is a different one compare to others.

By considering Mr. Kalyanasundaram’s social service toward human being, he was honored and awarded with the title Man of the Millennium and rewarded with Rs.30 crores for being human by an American organization, which was again spent on the needy by this gentleman. Additionally, the United Nations organization considered Mr. Kalyanasundaram as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century. Will India recognize him?

I came to know about this person in 2012 and wanted to share this info with others who wouldn’t know about the existence of such a great human being on the earth as being complete and perfect human just for other needy. Indian must be happy and proud that Mr. Kalyanasundaram is on the earth at Indian soil and be alive to know about such an inspiring Indian as ‘Will of steel’. All shall wish him for great sacrifice and achievement for his life bonded just for the social cause and needy. Hats off Mr. Kalyanasundaram!.

I’m voting for Mr. Kalyanasundaram’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.