Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am a Pan Beeda Litterbug

The way we throw the ball will return the same. Yes, the same way we get the good or bad returns based on our deeds. Here we need to observe many things whether throwing trash or other wastage's around easily which can harm us later. If one spit Pan Beeda litter that may come back to their face or mouth and it was experienced by me when I was using Pan Beeda then spitted while I was driving the car. The litter from Pan came to me with almost same force and made bad result for me and my car window / glass. I learnt that this is sort of self indiscipline act and learnt to avoid even small garbage throwing act likewise. We have to learn good deeds or discipline act from others than opposite one.

We get freedom doesn't mean we spoil the atmosphere artificially but try to go with the nature which can ever help us for healthy surrounding, enrich forthcoming generation and overall better civilization through our current discipline. Our country has no strict law doesn’t mean we can throw all the wastage from our home to anywhere we find comfort but needed to learn where it supposed to be to carry forward in safe zone. We have to learn what is Housekeeping rather than what is dirty or junk around.

In one hand everyone knows the responsibility of keeping clean the atmosphere and support nature environment and on the other hand some of them used to ignore when our turn comes and show the habit of indiscipline. I remember the work and performance of veteran actor Kamala Hasan, in one of his movie used to keep clean atmosphere even for wastage or garbage with decorum.

India was naturally beautiful and filled up with many natures' beauty, due to carelessness and lack of interest toward cleanliness, we got to go with the habit of indiscipline action from elders which created dump atmosphere.

Littering any item in anywhere is become normal habit nowadays for all, this is neither sin nor consider as illegal or dealt with any legal action. Thus, we get more freedom on litterbug. Though there are many campaign or initiative from various organization with regards to litter-less atmosphere but we ignore them or accept them for temporary basis. I think without individual and group initiative for a long term, we won't achieve anything on cleanliness. 

You might have seen the people around who used to normally pass the urine, spit on the street or road, spit Pan Beeda on the floor of the premises, dump the garbage while walking and throw the bug stuff on the street etc. These habit still continues despite various effort taken by individual or group or an organization with various initiative and campaign. God knows when we are going to change toward discipline to change others. Now, I am oppose for litterbug.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Face Complexion

We have heard the proverb of ‘Face is the Index of the mind’. This proverb may suit sometime and it may not suit in different occasion or for different personality. However, most of them would like to have finest or the best complexion or skin texture in order to appear or attract others and to avoid unnecessary pain from pimple too. How about nature? Will it help to reduce or wipe out the Pimples when we pass through teenage or till the age where we cross 30 plus? I don’t think so that nature will help to hide or eliminate pimples but it will bring and grow during this tenure. What shall we do for the pimples to stop and gives better complexion?

I am sure that most of them would have experienced on Pimples and most of them would have tried to find out some tips or face cream or some herbal medicine or a kind of tablet or different food consumption etc. to remove pimples naturally. I am sure that some of the tips for Pimple would have worked for a while and some of them have given disappointment. 

What are the reasons for Pimples?

Expert says that certain age crossing, blood impure, extra fat, over heat, constipation, missing food and water consumption on-time and genetic changes etc. are the main reason to get pimples. It doesn’t appear only for a particular person or region or color or country but pimples appear and grow for all human being across globe on certain age. May be only very few exemption on this due to healthy or the restriction power they have to fight against pimples. 

What generally people used to do when they get pimples?

Self medication / treatment
Asking some tips for pimples treatment / solution
Try for some herbal or natural cure
Playing or scratching pimples
Hearing many useless tips and follows
Some carelessness
Some does wrong treatment 

How to get rid off from Pimples?

In general, lack of source of blood purification enrich for pimples, if one has healthy blood pure process in his / her body on that particular age then he/she won’t get pimples. This age is something different which supports nature on health and stamina except Pimples and Dandruff. Most of them won’t take care their health during this period except grooming, studying, working which causes for blood impure due to improper drinking of enough waters, having food and sleeping on-time etc. They are the main reason to get pimples and most important blood impure can cause more issue on skin tissues. So, one has to drink enough water on time, use grape juices, use fruit salad, vegetable salad, have food on time and sleep on-time to avoid all pimple related issues naturally. 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dream of Bangalore resides

Being a Bangalorean, why shall I recommend to near and dear one on relocating to Bangalore? The more you think, the weaker your decision, so, just do it by Quikr. It is free portal and paid membership where you can buy and sell used or new items with satisfaction.

If you go through the above given link of Bangalore Quikr website then you will know the detail and option of the services rendered by them. However, other than normal dealing on buying and selling old or used items, some of the services are going to be very effective and useful while you would like to relocate from any part of the country.

This is an international platform so nothing to worry on relocating from any other part of the world to Bangalore by using Quikr online service. Quikr has city or country wise website link which can help you to get things done on selling old / used items, purchasing old / used items with reasonable or negotiable prices and decorate your needs and home accordingly.

If you are relocating to Bangalore from anywhere then you don’t need to carry huge pack and parcels, just publish your used items on Quikr website and sell them in local for a good and satisfied price. The same you can buy different used items from Quikr for your home to furnish when you reach Bangalore. Things are very easy nowadays to buy, use, sell and buy a different one to use it.

Note: Make sure that you try to read and understand the guidelines given by Quikr upon buying or selling the used items from unknown.

I bought the second hand bike from Quikr which helped me to avoid brokerage charges and other processing fee. I compare the bike price online against the local dealer at that time to evaluate, and got benefit out of it. As such, I have bought few used items for home with cheaper rate and I have even sold few used items which helped me to get the good price from the genuine customer through Quikr. One of the best part on this process is, you will get some antique items or a different item which you won't get it anywhere in the shopping or place.

Yes, there may be few people who may not be very serious on this e-dealing and would like to misuse but most of the customers are reliable and able to deal when they get satisfied on the final price or exchanging goods accordingly. You will be able to get so many customer calls once you published the selling or buying items at Quikr.

Here in Quikr way, we can save additional time, brokerage fees, individual to individual contact and dealing without any issue much. This is just like mutual understanding and things exchange process. The e-commerce grows as such, who knows we can get the best e-commerce experience and an idea from this too. One can get a lot of business, market and product knowledge from such services.

So, don’t waste your time and keeping old items, just try to publish it and deal it. You may also find various services on keyword search within Quikr website that will help you to get the detail. We wish you for a Happy dealing. No fikr, bech quikr.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Republic Day Speech Note

Are you eagerly waiting for India's 66th Republic day on 26th January 2015? If so, you are in the right page to get right information on time. Yes, most probably, many may looking for India's Republic Day Speech Note or ready to write on how to speak on Republic day etc.

So, nothing to worry on this and we will help you on how to write on Republic Day Speech in a simple manner. Just assume that you are about to speech on Republic day which you have no idea what to speak and you have to speak as per your class master / mistress. Still no issue, you can do so. You may just go through some of the Republic Day Speech Note where you will know some idea on how to speak about it. I am sure that you will get some basic idea which will enrich you on India's Republic Day Speech.

Make sure that you have enough confident and remember that you have to speak as same as you are generally speaking with your close one or dear friends as casual. You just go through the practice and observe the program event from the beginning to speak the same as it is going and just adding Republic Day Speech Note prepared. Nothing else, it will be like a casual and mature speak simply.

For more detail on how to prepare India's Republic Day Speech, kindly go through the following link to get an idea on Republic Day speech. I am sure that you can do it if you just read five to ten times, remember few points just and observe the event to say about event beside in the beginning. All the best. Happy Republic Day to all.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chennai Mail

Read it completely to enjoy it. It is not about Chennai Express movie but the well known Chennai Mail train in reality. The Chennai Mail used to depart daily in the night time and arrive to Bangalore in the early morning and the same other train of Chennai Mail used to depart from Bangalore to Chennai in the night time as well. They are superfast trains and have limited stops from Chennai viz. Arakonam, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Bangarpet and Bangalore’s very few stations. They are mostly berth / sleeper coaches and most of the time fully booked a month ago precisely. Only few lucky people can get the seat in general three coaches and rest of them has to stand with rush and breathing difficulties till their destination arrives.

However, a person reserved his berth from Chennai to Jolarpettai (which is around 3.30 to 4 hrs journey by this train), entered the train and got his sleeper berth as reserved. He got the habit that once he slept, he won’t wake up easily or early even on journey or emergency situation. So, he humbly advised his nearby old age passenger and others to wake him up after Katpadi station as alarm in advance or at least wake him up before train slows at Jolarpettai station to get it down. Nearby berth passengers accepted his request since they are going to Bangalore and have no issue of request on the way.

He also told his other co-passengers to pull him and push him out by force at the Jolarpettai station in case if he didn’t wake up and go out since the situation is; he however has to be there in the early morning at Jolarpettai for Marriage function. Train leaved the Chennai Central platform…most of the passengers slept on time except few when train moved. After one hour Arakonam crossed…Katpadi arrived…old man struggled to wake him up, few other co-passengers tried to wake him up after Katpadi station itself as alarm in advance (only one more hour left to reach his destination)…they all tried as much as they can, as final step, they have done pull and push out task when his destination Jolarpettai arrived.

Thank God, helped out. Everything gone smoothly at the end at Jolarpettai station and all slept comfortably afterward. Train moved and crossed Bangarpet after one hour and they reached Bangalore in the early morning, now all of them shocked in the compartment. The one who supposed to get down in Jolarpettai is still sleeping nicely on the berth and surprised when the co-passengers saw him.

However, they tried to wake him up again in Bangalore by spending few minutes. He woke up with tired and saw the co-passengers and station; he too shocked. He understood that something is wrong since it is not a midnight or late midnight to get down in Jolarpettai but brightening early morning which would be either Bangarpettai or Bangalore station. They asked him how it is possible when they pulled and pushed out a passenger at Jolarpettai station per request but still here. They finally understood that in the sleepy, dark and confusion they have woken up and pushed out a different passenger at Jolarpettai station who was sleeping near him.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Air Turbulence

One of the well known word is Air Turbulence in Airline industry beside other various famous words in its operational activities. In some region or route, Air Pocket is famous one due to sudden and natural incident on the air. 

Air Turbulence can happen at any time at any region due to bad weather upon flying whereas Air Pocket can be taken place in selected region in different unconditional air cycle. When I was working in Airline industry for few years, I used to hear those words but not experienced until once I was coming from Riyadh King Khalid International Airport to Mumbai Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminal in 2002.

I got a flight seat at the rear one, was able to enjoy take-off view and slope of the giant flight 747-400. It was going well till two hours and found smooth flying without any issue. The announcement from the Flight purser / crew started for fastening seat belt due to heavy rain and bad weather on the way. The passengers who were roaming around on the flight due to wash room and entertainment etc. controlled immediately by the flight supervisor. I was just seeing that few of them enjoying with Alcohol and dishes offered by Airline hostesses whereas I put an end to the dinner served and relaxing for one more hour to reach Mumbai to catch Chennai's flight in the early morning for further travel.

Last one hour before landing in Mumbai, it was heavy rain with thunder seems, flight was slowly shaking and looks like little bit out of control for a while. I never faced such horrible shaking experience on flight till six years of flying experience with many different routes specially flying in night times (except one).Since I was sitting at the last row and able to know the feeling and fear of other co-passengers as well. Flight and the passengers are very silent at that situation and looks like we were crossing heavy rain, thunderstorm, dark cloudy and fog etc. mixed up. 

Suddenly we were able to see and experience the tail / rear area of the flight moving here and there specially where we were sitting, it let us felt like giant fish tail moves here and there. Again announcement made from Crew saying that fasten seat belt, sit with calm and one can use Oxygen bag (on the top) if necessary etc. It was looking like we were crossing some pathetic route in bad weather, possible for anything to happen at any time due to unconditional weather. 

I understood that many passengers were praying at this moment and some non-alcoholic felt like they are consumed it by seeing flight dancing and the one who consumed alcohol felt that they are steady by leaving Alcoholic feelings.The flight once in fifteen minutes used to shake here and there and hard to see steady movement as before, however, we were able to rely on it for a while and the flight become normal after certain duration by passing a particular region. Thank God, we got smooth flight operation few minutes before landing in Mumbai and landed safely. This was one of the unforgettable flying experience in my life. I will share more as such...till then good bye. See you soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ready, Get. Set. Bolt.

Are you looking for specs and features information of Bolt car from Tata? If so, you are in the right to get right information on Get. Set. Bolt. Here you go.

Manufacturer: Tata Motors
Series: Bolt
Type: Petrol and Diesel
Engine: Revotron 1.2T for Petrol, and Quadrajet 1.3L for Diesel
Max Power: 90 PS@5000 RPM for Petrol, and 75 PS@4000 RPM for Diesel
Torque: 140 Nm @ 1500-4000 RPM for Petrol, 190 Nm @ 1750-3000 RPM for Diesel
Dimension: 3825 X 1695 X 1562 (L x W x H - mm)
Tyres: Steel – 175/65 R14, and Alloy 175/65 R15
Steering: ePAS (Electric Power Assist Steering)

Tata Motors has launched its new series Bolt with new design and new style in this New Year 2015. Bolt is somewhat looks like upgraded model with most sophisticated and tweaked it a bit more, inside and out for earlier version of Indica series. This is one of the best on the hatchback car that can comfort its rider and escort one.

Features of the Bolt car

Engine features:

The Bolt comes with two variant, one is for Petrol and the other one is for Diesel.  As we’ve seen this, the engine churns out a Revotron 1.2T for Petrol car and Quadrajet 1.3L for Diesel car. It comes with 90 PS@5000 RPM for Petrol and 75 PS@4000 RPM for Diesel on Max Power. The Bolt car with cherry color in the Forum Mall Bangalore stands anything else like felt more at home in the city, with good initial response from its lover surrounding by. Eager to see it soon on the highway too.

Multi drive features:

The Bolt does, however, incorporate an improvement in the form of the Multi Drive Sport, Eco and City, which has sports mode when we need a burst of power, the next is Eco mode for fuel consumption and City mode is perfect balance in between these two (Sport and Eco).

Space and Comfort features:

The cabin is a bit comfort-looking, with those bright seats set against matching beige interior and that silver console to drive anything else like calm. In an effort to enrich the user's experience, Tata is offering the new Bolt with alloy wheels as an option. The steering wheel attracts, and the distance between the accelerator and brake pedals is off.

Safety features:

When you drive or park the car, safety come first. Yes, you will find stay at control all the times and drive it safe with the advance safety features. Dual airbags are available and Electric Power Assist Steering is on in Bolt.

Touchscreen features:

The Bolt comes in two trim types (Petrol and Diesel). Tata has now offered with a list of goodies that has bettered the earlier Indica series car. You may choose any variant and you’ll find ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment by Harman features, which can help you to access an array of connectivity and entertainment features like Smartphone, MapMyIndia, and advanced voice command recognition. 

One of the impressive about this car is its fuel efficiency, stylish look, comfortable, touchscreen infotainment to drive ahead. It is totally like a Paisa Vasool offer from Tata Motors.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Telling the truth is the right thing to do unless…

One of the toughest task nowadays is telling the truth ever or whenever deemed necessary to say truth, or in the circumstances where one has to lie to escape from unknown incident.

I have faced various situation as such but for me it is quite different and I can say that ‘telling the truth always’, or ‘telling the lie is rare’ unless it is justified in both the sides.

Before telling the truth, I would like to state a small story from a movie clip on the bitter truth while critical situation taken place (such situation normally do happens in one of our lives, the situation happened in our life shows by either TV serial or movie, or the reality show broadcasting by TV or movie normally do happens in our lives).  However, we will go through one of them as below.

A person has to pay (borrowed) money to his older friend who gave him cash as help for few days. The one who gave money got lot of tense from borrowed one due to promised broken and he asked his friend to return it as soon as possible, the way it was going is like he is not able to return the cash soon despite he is having enough money but let him follow for few more days where he got more tensed. 

One fine day, both of them met near the bus stand at midnight, he refused to return the money again despite he is having it, however, he was arguing to pay it immediately but looks like older friend is not able to get back his cash at this point. A group of thieves came on the spot and shown knives and other dangerous weapons to them to withdraw the valuables and cash to free them out. When the situation understands the borrowed person, he then paid immediately to older friend on the spot where he refused it at this critical situation. 

Now, the group of thieves got those cash beside other valuable belongings too from both, oh God. The one who borrowed cash from older friend agreed and told the truth in a wrong moment which causes both of them to lose all cash and belonging at the same time.

Sometime, when we need to lie in a critical situation to either save one's prestige matter or innocent act. And, sometime we need to tell the truth even though any seriousness or critical situation to save one's life than prestige or valuables. This is the truth or bitter truth which can always win the situation of life.

However, the Truth plays vital role, one is, we don’t need to remember the Truth for a long time as what we had told to a person in case, the other one is, lies can be caught at any moment and we have to remember it and not to forgot it for a long time to match the situation as what we actually lied with others.

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